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  1. Nope, I'm not working for them or something like that. Check out my posts and why I am here. My skin texture got better after recell, but then again my waxy skin I got from dermabrasion back in the day wasn't really deep scar tissue. It has normal hair growth, it can't be compared to hypertrophic scarring. And what I've heard from all the recell doctors is that recell is very helpful for conditions like that. They all told me it would improve the shiny texture and it did. It didn't help my pigme
  2. Dude, I have waxy, shiny skin from dermabrasion and laser. GBL and Borec also had surface texture problems (GBL with her scar, Borec with his laser treated skin). And Recell helped. They both wrote that and I can attest that as well. So no, it's not only for pigmentation but also for texture. My pigmentation is still the same (I'm 4 weeks out) but I'm pale anyway so I don't care. The texture however is close to normal skin now, which is huge for me. It helps for waxy, shiny skin texture. You can
  3. I don't want to defend Recell for the sake of defending it and also because I literally couldn't care less about how certain doctors are seen in this forum. But seriously, how can you say there are no results? Check out GBLs thread, check out Borecs thread. GBL improved her scar texture very much and Borecs acne scars got a lot better (even if his main goals were to achieve better pigmentation which he says he got but that can't be seen that well from his pictures, that's true) and he said his l
  4. I also think you should go see Dr. Davin Lim in Australia. From what I've heard, read and seen he is one of the best (if not the best) doctors for treating acne scars.
  5. No, it really doesn't. Your skin looks totally normal, don't worry too much. (I know the feeling but really: it doesn't look bad at all to me)
  6. Where did you get the hyper- and hypopigmentation from? How is your face discolored? Like is it still red or rose? Because that can be normal, I guess. How is the texture of your skin? Does ist look like normal skin apart from the colour? You probably have not that much to worry about, just give it time. The important thing is that your Dr. saw pictures and knows what your skin looks like atm. If he says, it's alright, it's probably going to be alright. All the best.
  7. Bro, there are people who've gotten legitimate improvements with ablative methods combined with recell. GBL (the woman with the scar on her forehead) improved the surface texture of her scar from shiny flat to not shiny almost normal looking skin. Borec, another user who underwent recell treatment, got improvement one his scars but mostly also restored his normal skin texture. His shiny texture he got from ablative laser went away, he said. I don't know how you can say people got no improvement
  8. Where did you get your hypertrophic scars from? And how did they change or not change after recell? Are they worse than before? I had recell 3 weeks ago and I feel like it helped with my skin texture. I had shiny texture problems and I do believe that recell is very good for those kind of problems. My hypopigmentation (not my main concern) still remains, though.
  9. Thanks for the comment, it really gives me hope because I'm going through a horrible phase in my life right now. Never felt that bad, honestly. :/ So you really think he shiny red skin is most likely going to end up being normal skin in like a month or so? I hope so. Yeah, I know how Recell is being used but my question was supposed to be more along the lines of "is Recell going to work better on skin damage that is really recent?". If I'd do it in like 3-4 weeks my wounds (if they end up not b
  10. Well, would any of guys mind asking him if they would be able to treat facial scars? I literally would be willing to invest 20k or something.
  11. Hello Community, I underwent an Erbium Laser treatment for linear scars (no acne scars) and too deeply dermabraded scars by a really reputable doctor in my area. They told me everything would be okay. But now I'm 11 days post op and the skin that was abraded with this really ablative laser (I was bleeding quite a bit which made me worry instantly) is red and shiny. It is on the same level als the normal skin but just very shiny. It seems to have pores though. Is this gonna better itself or is
  12. I know but in that article you posted.. wasn't it about facial reconstruction without scarring? They didn't treat his scar(s), they treated his facial (bone) structure, no? I'm not sure. If they were indeed treating scars.. wouldn't that be it? The solution we're all looking for? Thanks for your immediate answer and your contribution to this thread, btw. Gives hope.
  13. That sure does sound good but how does it relate to us who already have the scars? Would any of guys mind contacting this Dr. Borsuk asking him if this can help already established scars?
  14. Hello community, five years ago I received dermabrasion to help my scars. The surgeon unfortunately went to deep and now I've got scars that resemble burn scars. They are not atophric anymore (so they are on my skin level) but they are shiny and white with kind of a waxy texture. I've just recently heard about micro-pigmentation for burn scars and similiar things so I wonder if micro-pigmentation could get rid or atleast improve the shinyness of the scars? The hypopigmenation is not that big of