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  1. To treat PCOS? My wife has been diagnosed with it as the cause of her adult acne. She's been prescribed metmorfin to treat it but we're concerned about the side effects. Thanks for the help.
  2. Wynne, Thanks for the reply, you addressed most of her concerns. I understand the diarrea goes away once you get used to it, but she was mostly concerned with the low blood sugar and inability to drink while using it. She's not a heavy drinker by any means, but she does like to relax and have a few beers on the weekends. I wonder if it is possible to skip a dosage every once in awhile to avoid any complications? She's also concerned that the medication is used to treat diabetics and in fa
  3. To treat PCOS? My wife has been diagnosed with it as the cause of her adult acne. She's been prescribed metmorfin to treat it but we're concerned about the side effects. Thanks for the help.
  4. Anybody using Metformin have any side effects? My wife has PCOS and she was prescribed that, but found out it was also used to treat Diabetics, and may lower her blood sugar, possibly leading her to pass out. Also it says you shouldn't drink alcohol. We had to endure this with Accutane with no results, she's hesitant to do this again.
  5. Is your wife's acne pretty severe? Has she been able to get hormone tests or try spironolactone. If she hasn't, that might be an option to try. I'm so sorry your wife has to go back to having acne again. Is she considering another course? I've heard the success rate is a lot higher the second time around. Was she put on any topical retinoids to maintain results? Hope you guys can find something out that will help in the long run. Yes, she had hormone tests and it came out negativ
  6. My wife took it for 5 months. She was clear for a few months then the acne came back. Very disappointing.
  7. Hey, I haven't been on this board for awhile since my wife tried the revolutionary "laser" treatment that didn't work. After trying everything under the sun we finally gave in and decided to give Accutane a try. We were told it would be the only thing that worked. Well, she ran the course and followed every instruction to a T. The result is that it worked - for 5 months. Then the acne came back full force. She now has a face full of acne just as before. We have the dermatologist stumped.
  8. I can vouch for that. My wife had 4 Smoothbeam treatments with NO EFFECT!
  9. Sorry, I didn't mean to discourage anyone. It just didn't work for us. I thought they had it at 14, pretty aggressive. But she never really showed any signs of redness when she came out, maybe slight. I don't know, maybe it was our doctor, but we can't afford to go from doctor to doctor until it works.
  10. Hey Guys, Scorpius, thanks for the reply and the words of encouragement. My wife had her 4th treatment a few weeks ago and, unfortunately, we still cannot report any improvement. No improvement in the active acne, and no improvement in the scars. I think we're going to discontinue treatment. We've already spent $1200 on this and it doesn't seem to be doing much good. We expected SOME improvement back after the 1st treatment and every time we went we expected something only to get not
  11. Hi all, Just wanted to update this thread on the progress of my wife and her smoothbeam treatments. She had her third treatment last week, and unfortunately, we can't report good progress. He active acne is worse than ever. The doctor actually put her on antibiotic again to control it. Scars don't seem to be fading yet either. He proposed six treatments because of her severity as opposed to most peope I think are recommending 4. We're getting discouraged. I don't know if we should abor
  12. Has anyone had smoothbeam treatments in the Atlanta area? My wife has had two for $300 apiece, and the doctor we're using (Del Henderson) will not offer any package deals or anything. Just looking to see if there's better deals out there. BTW, she has had 2 so far. She hasn't seen a big decrease in breakouts yet, although according to her the severity of the breakouts have decreased. (She hasn't had to get cortizone injections in awhile.) She has an increase in breakouts about a week aft
  13. Jeni, Our doctor prescribed the same topicals, I think, but they are so expensive we decided to just concentrate on the smoothbeam for now. That way we can isolate it and tell if it's really working. Unfortunately my wife already bought them but she stopped using them when she was getting some side effects. Hope this helps.
  14. FromChicago, how is your complexion now? Hasn't it been about 6 months yet?