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  1. Hi, the tersi foam only comes in one strength... 2.5% selenium sulfide. I dont have any pictures that would show you how bad my SD was. I never take pictures that up close. However, it was always red, inflamed, itchy and sometimes i would scratch it so bad that i'd have minor cuts and scratches on my face. The SD on my cheeks and nose would get really bad and you could literally see the build up of grease and dead skin. based on your picture, i would say you have a real mild case of SD comp
  2. hi seb derm i had a really bad case of SD. my derm gave me a new medication called tersa foam. it was extremely effective for me and cleared me in 1 week. i still have to maintain my skin though as the SD comes back on my nose if i dont use it straight for a week. nothing else worked for me. my skin used to be itchy, oily, and cracked all the time. i'm not sure if tersi foam is available in india though. the website is: http://www.quinnova.com/products02.html
  3. hi everyone, i've been off tane for about a month. when i first came off, i think my face went through tane withdrawal, looked horrible, and developed all these flesh colored goose bump looking thngs. my skin has finally normalized since then, but im afraid i'm not one of the lucky ones as i still get pimples. however they are tiny and i do not get cysts anymore, they dsappear much quicker, and my skin is no where near as oily as it used to be. followng the weird break out thing right after
  4. hi everyone. i was able to get to the derm today and im going to post what he told me just in case anyone else experienced or will experience the same thing. basically, a week and half after i stopped the tane, i got all these tiny bumps all over my face. mostly on my forehead and cheeks. they didnt really look like pimples, kind of like really bad skin texture. very gritty looking. the bumps were tiny and unpoppable. felt like tiny clogged pores all over, kind of like sand paper. i also
  5. hi everyone, i need some help desperately. i took more than enough accutane for the past 7 months and finally called it quits last saturday. i cleared up in my first month and didnt have an initial breakout except for 2 cysts. i've been off the tane for one week now, and all of a sudden i have this sandpaper like feeling all over my face. my face looks fine at first glance, but i'm noticing that my pores look a little bigger. when i stretch my skin on my face, i see all these little bumps.
  6. the packaging on the prescription says take with food or milk. i know its best to take with a fatty meal, but its really hard for me to do this at work, and sometimes i end up doubling up my dosage at dinner time. if i ccant get a fatty meal at work, is it ok to just take the pill with a glass of whole milk? or is it better to wait till dinner time when i'm at home and can find fatty food to eat?
  7. Hi there, i am having the exact same issue with the nose pores! mine look absolutely gross. they make me sick. when i scrunch up my nose , all the pores connect and my skin looks wrinkly like an orange peel. absolutely disgusting. please reassure me that the pores will shrink!!!
  8. Day 37 As of 1/3, I've been bumped up to 40 mg daily. I'm such a dumb fuck. I couldnt wait for my black heads to fall out so I squeezed and dug into my whole nose. My blackheads/clogged pores on my nose are like 75% gone, but I have HUGE holes on my nose!!!!!! Please reassure me that they will shrink! Looks absolutely gross! Although my dosage has increased, I cant say that i'm noticing any differences. skin still looks the same pimple wise. however i feel like the texture of my skin look
  9. day 30 so my lips arent so dry. things are going well. ib subsided. still have about 20 pimples or so, but all very tiny andwith makeup on, you can hardlytell. visited the derm today. starting tomorrow i'll be on 20 mg twice daily!!! i love no oil on my face! texture of skin has improved drastically. blackheads starting to loosen up. hopefully the double dosage of sotret will help get rid of them faster
  10. I think its Day 24 I guess the IB is here. I'm not getting cysts, but I havethese tiny pimples all over my cheeks and chin. forehead looks decent although there is a large scab from my picking. nose looks dirtyyy as well. blackheads are still stuck. starting to feel like sandpaper. is this effect from dry skin? or is it from pores purging? i ask because i dont feel too dry, and i dont see sebum sticking out except for a few pores. so i've noticed that pimples take forever to heal when on
  11. Day 21 Holy crap... i thought my skin was on its way to recovery after the 3 cysts. I woke up today looking real shitty. my skin is really dry today. it looks scaly. blackheads are stuck. i used to be able to see the clogged chunks spitting out of my skin but it looks like they went back into my skin or something. doesnt look like they are on their way out. woke up with 4 white heads. dirty nose. about 20 of those under the skin pimples (not large and relatively flat but i've got pink l
  12. Day 20 No more cysts although i'm left with red marks from the 3 i had before. I'm waking up to white heads again. i have about 15-20 pimples on my face that came out of no where. i was doing better last week. Still, they are all very small and appeared where i had clogged pores. i don't really mind them.. doesnt look that bad. I mentioned last week that my blackheads were starting to purge. they dont appear to be purging anymore and are just kind of "stuck". I think i need a higher dos
  13. hi there, i saw that you commented in someone else's log that the ib is common at 6 weeks. i started on 12/5 and got a few cysts, and now everything is healing so i thought the ib was done. is it true that ibs occur during month two? meaning that what i experienced wasn';t the ib and that it may come later?