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  1. Hi BearBear0220, Sorry to hear your face is breaking out after plan B! At least in my case, I think part of the hormonal imbalances are/were due to me having undiagnosed Lyme disease and coinfections and the plan B seemed to trigger some kind of ongoing hormonal/inflammatory reaction. I was working for an Integrative Medicine doctor at the time and she is the one who tested my hormones and we found that my DHEA was incredibly high. It eventually went back down. Yes at the time, B12 injections
  2. Can you tell me how long did it take to clear up? I am having such a hard time...
  3. Hey, I took plan B in July and I having hard time too. It's been a month since you posted this. How is your breakout going? I just bought saw palmetto and spearmint tea and I eat really healthy and work out again. I have researched about this a lot. Usually people complains about they are having breakout due to the plan b and disappeared!! So I assume they got better ! lol Lets share progress !
  4. How long have you been taking those? What I am worried about it that I might need to take that for the rest of my life? Is there anyone who used take DIM, saw palmetto like herbs but stopped and not breaking out?
  5. Hi I am glad I found this journal ! This already happened a year ago. I read your post and bought saw palmetto and spearmint ! You know what? For me it took just one day to work! I took plan B as well, and has a lot of acne right now! But I really want to ask you about this. Are you still taking this herb? I have read that if you stop taking this pill, you will have breakout again?? I wonder I just need to give my body to heal by own? If you stopped taking these pills, did your cue came bac
  6. I took plan b in June and I had break out in my chin area. Its most like whiteheads and one cystic acne near my ears. Now my face has a lot of red marks… I have researched that saw palmetto and spearmint works so I took it last from two days ago. It immediately made my skin less oily. But I am concerned about possible side effects. I have read that these two herbs are anti-androgen which inhibits DHT and make testosterone converts into estrogen. This is not good! Also I have read people from in
  7. Hi , I am so glad that I found your journal! I am having exactly same syptom as what you had gone through now. And I am very depressed about it. I took plan B on July and I got a lot of tiny whiteheads on my chin area and now I have some painful cystic pimple in my ears and side of my face. I have been eating really bad because I was going through a lot in my life. I agree what you said that Plan B prob trigger what I have had in my body. Now I am ovulating, and breaking out is just terrible