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  1. Thanks for the suggestion kaleidoscope. I'll take a look at the website. Also, how severe was your acne before you did the cleanses, and did it help? Sakuraba, do you know why you didn't pass any stones? Could it be that you didn't have any to begin with? Although I've cleaned up my diet for reasons other than acne, I haven't always been so conscientious about what I eat. I used to love junk food as a kid and would eat it whenever possible. I still remember asking for the #6 at Jack in the Bo
  2. First let me begin by outlining what I did the first two times. Prior to the flush I took Gold Coin Grass tincture for a month, which supposedly crushes the stones. During the first flush I only drank organic apple juice for two days. On the third day I took 1/2 cup of olive oil with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and laid down to sleep. Next morning nothing happened. Went to the bathroom but I saw nothing float to the top. Second flush I did the same as before minus the Gold Coin Grass. T
  3. I have heard several people expound the health benefits of goat's milk. Supposedly it’s safe to consume for most people who are lactose intolerant. Since ditching dairy my acne has cleared up considerably, although I have no concrete evidence. I'd like to try incorporating goat milk yogurt into my diet as a supplement of probiotics. Also, I love yogurt and miss it tenderly. What is your expererience with goat's milk? Has anyone abstained from cow's milk but frequently consume goat's milk
  4. Your claims are awfully sketch. What evidence do you employ to support your claims? I agree that our highly refined, modern diet is somewhat at fault for our virulent skin disease but eating leafy greens if far too simple a solution.
  5. I have read several posts describing an egg white and lemon juice mask. The recipe is fairly simple. Beat an egg white until frothy, then incorporate some lemon juice. Apply to skin, leave on for 10 minutes, then wash off with warm water. I believe the mask is meant to improve your skin's texture and apperance. I was wondering whether anyone had applied the mask repeatedly and had seen positive results. My skin is sensitive, and I am afraid the mask will cause a break out. Please share any ex
  6. Thank your for your insight into the wheat enigma. This is wonderful information and quite useful. Although I'm currently preoccupied with my studies, I'll try and visit a doctor over summer break. What harm can it do anyway? My guess is that I'm not allergic to wheat having consumed it my entire life without difficulties. What I find most compelling is the psychological appraisal of my skin condition. I am a film believer in the power of learned behavior and its connection to psychosomatic di
  7. I absolutely love wheat! French bread, cookies, Mexican sweet bread, tempura, turnovers, pancakes, ... Yet I have been living without its glutinous comfort for the past few months. Although my acne is relatively gone, I cannot attribute my success solely to a wheat-free diet. I couldn't say whether wheat made any difference at all! My skin may have cleared for a number of reasons including my B5 supplementation, antibiotic regimen, daily topical regimen, and abstention from dairy. The prima
  8. Thanks for the information. Sorry, I can't recommend any sunblock because I rarely use it. I have a similar paranoia as you do. I just stay out of the sun. Hate being pasty.
  9. Thanks for the information. I'm still not too sure if Acidophilus is for me. But then again we might hit it off. Thanks.
  10. Is my post really that boring? Not one reply? I'd appreciate any information, really. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I've been on antibiotics for what seems an eternity. Lately my stomach has been upset, and I suspect those repugnant, blue pills are at fault. Also, I'm planning on going off antibiotics in the coming months and have read articles on probiotics. They supposedly reestablish a healthy digestive system by replacing the healthy bacteria lost while on medication. I went to my local health food store and found acidophilus, a common probiotic. However, its derived from milk, and I've developed a
  12. Turning 21 and still under acne's thumb! My skin has improved drastically since mid-adolescence though. Remember not to pick at it. Instead, dance.
  13. Hi, I'm afraid of moisterizers. My acne has improved since my doctor prescribed Tazorac a year ago. I wash my face with Neutrogena's acne-prone skin soap twice a day, use Clean and Clear Acne Control (with BP) in the morning, and apply Tazorac at night. Throughout my many battles with acne I have used very little moisterizer. At first, I remember using moisterizer, but somehow I've developed a paranoia. As if applying moisterizer will cause the worst break out imaginable. Lately, my
  14. Thanks for the advice. My skin isn't looking any better just yet, but I don't feel as horrible. Tomorrow is friday night. I might just go out with friends and have a good time. Thanks again.
  15. My skin appeared to have finally cleared. The two inflamed pimples on my chin from Christmas break were behind me. No longer did the red spots linger, reminding me of two weeks hidden within my house, a lack of confidence, and an eroded self-esteem. Finally it seemed I would resume my daily life. At least I would be able to think of something other than my skin for a while. However, as I passed my hand over the lower left corner of my mouth as I washed my face, I noticed a small elevation. I gen