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  1. hmm, yeah I've been looking at meow, thinking about ordering some samples. I'm a mixture btw fair, sandy fair & sunkissed fair in everyday minerals. not a perfect match, but as close as ive found. Could anyone who uses meow give me an idea on what colour samples to try. is the 0-Inquisitive 1-Sleek really really light? I'm fairly pale, but not super super pale. I've read somewhere that the 0-Inquistive is close to just white? maybe I should go for the 1-sleek's, or 2-Frisky I was thinking
  2. Does anyone here still use everyday minerals?? & not have a problem with it? I started using it a couple years ago, finally found a good colour combo to match my face pretty good. After so much trial & error with tonnes of different samples im so scared to try a different brand & have to go thru finding a colour match again I know ppl here have said everyday minerals isnt so good anymore.. but does anyone here still use it & not have a problem with it? i think the new formula has
  3. Maybe you could do school online or through correspondance? I know there are many programs available out there, then maybe you could get an at home job? have you tried treatments to help get rid of your acne? maybe if you sat down and had a long talk with your parents explaining all your problems, they would be willing to help? If your 20 years old, I'm sure you are capable of getting yourself a doctor's appointment to discuss other treatment options for your acne and social anxiety. I know th
  4. good luck! I am also in Canada and I was able to find a doc to perscribe plaquinal (i 4get how to spell it) .. but its the ant-malarial used here, I can't remember how long I ending up using it for but it didnt help me at all... but I wasnt on it that long before i had to stop b/c I got signs of the eye problems it can cause ugg i was so mad lol i hope your doc perscribes it for you! keep us updated if it works!
  5. I want to try singular.. but my doc wont give it to me, he says its only used for asthma and it wont help with flushing.... he's really hard to convince when i want to try somthing new ...if you try it, let me know if it works! ... ive also read good things about it!
  6. im from around that area and i get mine from fortinto's or health food stores, they usually have organic acv
  7. thanks guys!! now i have lots of things to try... i definatly think that baby brush method sounds good as well!! hopefully something will work! thanks again:)
  8. thanks!!! ... i'll definatly look into ur suggestions... ive been reading a lot about the asprin mask.. it sounds pretty good!! ... i used to use vaseline at night... it worked so good, my skin was so smooth the next day, but now for some reason it seems to irrite my skin... makes it all red and i get a rash from it acne battle... that cleanser you recommened looks really good too... i just dont know if they have it here in canada... we dont have nordstrom, maybe i can get it at walmart or sumt
  9. ergg ... I hate my skin... its always so dry with so much dead skin plastered down... no matter what i do i can nooot get it to be smooth without dead skin. i moisturise, but it only makes the dead skin stick on to my face, even when i dont wear makeup or put anything on my face for weeks i always get a build up of dead skin, which makes it soo hard to apply sunscreen/makeup ect. ive tried using emu oil and masauging in a circular motion with water... that helps a bit.. but its like i have to sc
  10. k this might be a dumb question but is kefir gluten free. also, does anyone have a recipe to make it? .. or a website where it tells you how, i cant seem to find anything and i really wanna try this stuff. thankyou to anyone who replies!
  11. The clinic I was suppose to go to for my facial rash today called me and CANCELLED. I've been waiting impatiently for this appointment for a damn month too. They told me they'd reschedual me for friday, but with a regular nurse practitioner, not the skin specialist. I don't think i'm going to bother with that appointment. The good news is, my mom also made an appointment for me a monrh ago at a dermatologist place 2 hours away from me. That appt is September 10th, which is coming up pretty
  12. when you do a water fast is it ok to put some salt in your water and drink that like once a day? or do you need to actually get the salt from food? i just ask b/c ive done a 7 day water fast before where i didnt use any salt and i could really feel the imbalance... i knew i drank too much water and my sodium level was completley screwed b/c as soon as i ate food with a bunch of salt i felt a million times better! .. does anyone know any good websites explaining how to do a proper water fast? ive
  13. does anyone know how much this shampoo costs? .. i went to a natural food store around here and it was $10 for a 200ml bottle!! which is insannnneeeee!!! how much did u guys pay for yours? im in canada btw thanx