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  1. These little bumps won't go away no I'm not allergic to any of the products I'm using because I've used other things and they still are there. They don't show up that good in the camera but anywhere else there's millions
  2. Help me, please don't say use proactiv because I hate proactiv so much
  3. This looks like a good product here's my face and the product
  4. Nothing works for this, I'm starting to think its a rash it's actually kind of pink in real life they don't pop but they don't itch
  5. I'm in 8th grade and I've had millions of little comodones all over since 5th grade I'm so done with this I use Kiehl's candula face wash toner and oil free moisturizer I hate these comodones and I don't know how to get rid of them money doesn't matter anymore I'm so annoyed
  6. So this is them, I just washed my face after this because they usually aren't red I feel like nothing works for this little tiny bumps I don't have any huge cyst ones just these I tried proactiv, tea tree oil, cetaphil, and I can't even remember. Right now I'm using Kiehl's candula face wash toner and an oil free moisturizer. It seems to be preventing cysts but I can't get rid of these, I exfoliate with st iced a few times a week. I'm in 8th grade and these bumps started forming in 4th grade it'