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  1. I find myself using less BP during the day than at night. Is this OK? Are other people having issues with this? I am reluctant to put as much on during the day as I do at night because I am afraid it will be visible...
  2. dan, what do you think about all this talk about drinking lemon juice with warm water? Does it work? Should we try it with your regime? (Other people can reply too...) :?
  3. Dan- when you sleep somewhere other than your own house, do you have a problem with whiteness of the cream at night? Maybe I need to rub it in better....This has caused some awkward situations when I have slept where there are other people around... and if you miss a night, should you put more on the next day? Also I excersize in the afternoon, and have to shower to wash off- I started the regime about 2 weeks ago, and I have been washing my face a third time when I take this #2 shower.