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  1. @Lindsayxox Hey, sorry for the late reply. I'm happy to inform that my scar is completely flat now! It took a lot of patience but I'm so happy it's gone and hopefully yours will fade too. The human body is great at healing itself, good luck! I'd say give it some time and it'll fade. And congrats! Sorry I don't know how to reply on this site lol. But yea look above^^
  2. Hi please please read until the end and give me your feedback. So I had a white head about 3 months ago which I unfortunately squeezed thinking it couldn't do damage. Fast forward 3 months later, I'm still dealing with what I think is an indented scar? I'm only 15 and NEVER had an indent so I'm panicking!!! It has improved a bit so far and it even looks completely flat and normal in certain lighting.. However in bad lighting it seems to cast a shadow? My mom (who notices everything about my skin
  3. Don't worry hyperpigmentation goes away. It's nothing to worry about. And If it's flat then all you have to do is cover it with a bit of foundation correct? Good luck to you!
  4. Sorry for the late reply.. But if people do bother you about it, they're just extremely rude. Time will heal most of it, promise! And if you have minimum patience like me, try to talk to someone that could help you. Tell your mom about how much it truly bothers you. Sometimes talking with someone makes you feel like you aren't fighting it alone. Convince them to take you to a derm if you really have no other solution. Don't let it get to you. You deserve to be happy and remind yourself that a ye
  5. Are they indented or flat? Flat ones which are dark will go away but require time depending on severity. This is called hyperpigmentation and goes away with time. Indented ones however are a 50/50. Some fill themselves in over time, maybe 6months to a year. Shallow ones have a higher chance of going away. If they're really deep, you should see a derm. Best of luck!
  6. I'd suggest a sacilyic acid astrigent. I used to have a similar situation and used: Clean and Clear blackhead removing astrigent (1% sacilyic acid). I dont just use it for blackheads, I use it for everything. You may read mixed reviews on this product but for me, it has worked for many years. Sacilyic acid is great at formulating new skin cells and leaving you with softer and clearer skin. Best of luck!
  7. Don't worry, you are definitely not alone. Tons of people struggle with that and the amount of successful stories about acne removal is astonishing. Yes, it does go away. On it's own? Yes and no. Depending on the severity. If it's deep cystic acne, definitely consider seeing a derm unless you want to wait a long time for your body to fight it on its own. I know it's tough and really emotionally scarring because of the insecurity, but often we are our toughest critiques. I can assure you that no
  8. Hi, about a month ago I had a medium sized pimple that developed into a head and popped. After the scab fell I noticed a red mark, however I wasn't too worried as I know they fade. Now about a month later I can see that there may be a very shallow indent.. It's shallow but definitely there. It almost looks like a layer of skin isn't there.. It's not deep at all and I can see where it ends as I've mentioned before. It's still red so I am aware that the discolouration may be making it look worse t