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  1. ahuezo

    Week 2

    What's up guys so I realized I forgot to tell you how much I'm taking, I'm taking 40mg a day for the first month, 80mg for the next month, and after that I'm not sure my derm didn't tell me. Week 2 I had a breakout of about 6 cysts most of them being on my left side of my face. I don't know why that happens I always breakout only on one side sometimes it's my right and sometimes its my left side. This breakout wasn't too bad my cysts don't hurt like they used too, my skin is feeling softer an
  2. ahuezo

    Week 1

    Hey guy's decided to start a blog about my accutane journey and to hopefully answer any questions you guys have. So I finally decided to go on accutane after trying all the creams,face washes, and pills possible. I have mild acne I have cysts on my cheeks and pimples around my chin and lips, I don't have acne on my back or chest. I have had acne since I was 18 and I am now 20, when I got out of high school my acne just gradually got worse. Throughout high school I only suffered with the occasi