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  1. Been on Dan's Regimen for a good month now and acutally it started out really good I was pimple free with in a good week and half. Now my face is basically pimple free the odd small one will pop up once in a while, and my skin is really soft. But the downside is my face's redness im not sure if its from the regimen or from when I was on accutane before. Does this look like rosacea? It looks really red once im out of the shower but after a few minutes 15-30 the redness goes away slightly. Dan's
  2. Hey people, Here's three photos I have taken off my face just minutes ago after I shaved. My skins is really soft but as you can tell around my cheek and chin area and some on the sides how red it is alson there is a few pimples around the chin and cheek area. I have used Accutane before was on 2 course of it at 40g. Before that used all kinds of products from Pro-Active didnt use this to long as I felt it burnt my skin a bit, Dan Kern's Regimen/B5 , diets , vitamin pills , creams , blue and r
  3. http://www.acnelamp.com/product.php?id=1001 Anyone every tryed these lamps here? I have pimples around my noise area and chin and I got a bit of redness just woundering how good these work? Bit of scaring to
  4. No I havn't is it something prescribed by a derm?
  5. Howdy I've tryed using Clear Skin Regimen on this webpage Soaps Pro-active Diets Antibiotics Many face creams Lemons Baking soda HSO Probiotic Formula with drinking green tea. Accutane been on it twice @ 40g. Don't know what to do next, my doctor and parents keep saying ill grow out of it and I started getting it at 15 and Im 20 now and still get pimples. Accutane was probally the best product I have used so far but after the 3 months I used it, the pimples came back. My acne is mostly
  6. Milder, it defently has helped it but as I said before came back around my noise and chin area. When I wake up in the morning my chin area is very dry.
  7. Ive been off accutane for 1 year this was my second dose, still have acne around my nose and chin area. But in the morning my skin is rashed out any one else have these problems? I drink tons of water and I use Cetaphil and have tryed Aloe, it will cover it up for the day but I can never improve on it.
  8. Hello, Ive tryed - proactive - Vitamins - BP and the Clear Skin Regimen on this page - Diet - I have been on two course of acctuane 40mg. I first went on it for 3 months and then went off it and acne came back. Second time another 3 months and what do we have now acne still on me. Yet it has reduced over the years It seams to form all around my noise area and below my noise. But my cheeks arent not to bad besides a few scares and the heavy redness that has formed from my course of accutane.
  9. 1 2 3 How bad you think my face is in my opionion it looks horriable. What you think? Ive been on accutane, proactive, 100 pills....
  10. Just want some peoples opionions on what step I should go towards. Been on Accuatane,Proactive, a million different pills and even tryed lemons and all the crap nothen happen. Dont wanna go tanning cause its just gonna hide them and ill peel the crap out of my skin. Any ideas may time to go see a laser place??? Had enought of this crap and its depressing, its worth it to me to pay to get rid of this crap for any amount. Any suggestions, always welcome.. Side Front Side1
  11. Why another 3 months, its not like im gettings tons of zits right now
  12. Hi, I have been off accutane since May now and may acne has cleared up pretty good, from where it use to be. I know get maybe 2-4 pimples but small ones, they usally form around my noise for some reason :sad: , but it still looks like my face is full of acne because of the red marks and the scars it has left, the scarring isnt to server but is noticable . I was just woundering what options are out there, I know going on a 2nd dose of accutane will most likly get rid of my acne but I wanna get
  13. Is stuff like this covered by medical?