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  1. I've been on Curology, Spironolactone, and using zinc soap by Nobles for over 2 years now. My skin is still really clear! Praise God! When my acne was bad it was really tough, because it just...felt terrible! I'm off of Birth Control right now and am taking less of the Spiro. I only take 25mg of Spironolactone in the am now, and my face is still clear! I had one large zit between my eye brows lately, but I'm pretty sure that was from wearing my tight goggles while doing woodworking. Anyways...
  2. [Link removed - advertising/spamming] Use my link to get a discount on curology!
  3. Thank The Lord my skin has not broken out in a long time now. I had no big pre period / hormonal breakouts! I've been on my curology prescription 66 days now along with Spearmint tea. I've also been on spironolactone for over a month now. I thought spironolactone might be messing with my sleep so I've only been taking it in the am just in case. My doctor doesn't think it was the spiro but I'm paranoid I guess. Anyways I've also been using the zinc bar soap by Nobles for a month or so now. It's
  4. I have now been on Curology for over a month. It doesn't seem to irritate my skin. My face is actually worse right now because I'm going to be starting my TOM next week. I'm going to try the Curology awhile longer I think. My Curology dermatologist told me to incorporate zinc soap by Nobles into my regimen. I started that yesterday because it has 2% zinc pyrithione in it which kills fungus and bacteria. I always get HUGE zits a week or two before my TOM(time of the month) so today I had my prima
  5. TheeGrace



    I don't think this does much for my huge zits:/ It might just make them itchy.
  6. TheeGrace

    Good for DIY

    Good for DIY

    Works great on DIY products for cleaning supplies and for body washes. It however I don't think it works good on my face.
  7. Moisturized a little

    Works good as a moisturizing serum but my skin normally needs more moisture added then this offers. After I wash my face I use aloe Vera then a light moisturizer on top like derma e purifying moisturizer.
  8. Broke me out

    This unfortunately clogged my pores and broke me out. It has bad ingredients in it like alcohol and fragrance.
  9. Nope!

    This moisturizer moisturized my skin really well but it broke me out...:(
  10. Changed the ingredients

    They changed the ingredients! It now has ingredients that might clog your pores!
  11. I used to like this...

    I used to like this cleanser, but they changed the ingredients. It now has ingredients that clog my pores like laureth-4. Why do they have to change what ain't broken!?
  12. TheeGrace



    Great for using on the go to get rid of that oily pore clogging shine! My skin is Very very oily and I can't wash it 7x a day so these work great to get rid of the oil!
  13. Clogs pores

    Sadly...this did not work, it made my skin worse. It has bad ingredients that clog my pores like laureth-4!
  14. TheeGrace



    This scrub has irritating beads in it and it drys out my skin with the clay.
  15. TheeGrace



    The ingredients all looked great on CosDNA, but it's too drying for my sensitive skin. The fragrance and Acid may have irritated my skin.