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  1. Everyone here has been talking about rose hip oil and how good its been, but can we please get sum updates in here so we can see if this stuff actually works or not?????????????
  2. For the past couple of days, i dilluted tea tree oil into aloe vera gel and i seriously think it is working. Any thoughts on this guys?
  3. I've heard that this is sum good stuff for your face, but when i read the label it just says its good for housecleaning, washing for hair, and for a bath. Can anyone tell me if this could possibly help with acne?
  4. Yea, since i tend to break out when i use SA (cuz sometimes i wont have time to wash my face with it everytime) i dont think i will be applying it to my face all the time. But instead wouldnt SA be a really effective on the spot treatment where u can just dab it onto your whiteheads and blackheads????
  5. Hey guys, i've recently bought a bottle of neutrogena SA cream face wash and everytime i use it i tend to break out a little bit. Is that common for you guys too or am i just having a reaction to this stuff? Also, i got 2 questions: 1) How long does it usually take for this to work? 2) Does this help with Red/brown marks at all??? Thanks guys please help me out!
  6. I wanted to know if any of u tried this soap yet, i heard oatmeal is pretty good for the skin so i was wondering fi this could help with redmarks.
  7. Sorry guys this is a lil offtopic, but where can i get a bottle of rose hip oil? And has anyone had any success with that yet?
  8. Yea, ive been usin 100%. Anyways, i rinse my face off with tea tree oil in the sink that is filled with water, but i dont think this works cuz i think there might be germs in the sink bowl that i might be putting onto my face. Is there any other way i can apply tea tree oil???
  9. Ive tried tea tree for a lil bit and i think i am doing it wrong cuz i dont see any results. This might sound dumb but how should i apply tea tree oil? Like do i get a cotton ball and dilute tea tree oil with water and then apply that to my face & then do i keep it on or rinse it off? Lastly, if i did keep it on should i apply lotion on top of that as a moisturizer???? Thanks guys, please help me out thanx again
  10. Ok, ive been reading around the forum and stumbled across this rosehip business. So i got some questions and i wanted to know if any of u guys can answer some of them. 1) How much does rosehip oil cost and does it actually work permanently or temporarily? 2) If i did buy rosehip, how do i apply this on to my face? do i keep it on or rinse off? 3) did anyone here try it and see some good results? Thanks, if u guys can answer these questions i think it would clear the air for a lot of people
  11. I dont think i have any apple cider vinegar, but i just wanted to know if it was OK to use regular clear vinegar?? Everyone on here talks about just using apple cider vinegar, so i dont know if i should use the clear kind?
  12. on the bottle of tea tree oil it specifically says NOT to apply 100% of the tea tree on to the face...anyways so i should just dilute the tea tree with sum water and leave it on???
  13. seriously guys, am i using tea tree oil all wrong??? Should i just dilute the tea tree oil and then apply it using a cotton pad, then rinse it off???? thanks again
  14. Wait, can i leave tea tree oil on my face or do i have to wash it off? Also, should i just get a bowl of water and add a drop or two of TTO in the bowl, then wash my face with running water????????? Thanks, please reply guys
  15. thanks guy, and by the way i fill my sink with water and add about 2 drop and wash my face then rinse with cold water.