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  1. stick with the zinc. also research insulin levels and acne. It's all about hormones. Best of luck!
  2. Hi LouiseMariex, You said your acne suddenly came back right? Did you change your diet or anything? Usually when I consume High - glycemic foods or Dairy, it spikes up my insulin levels in my body which causes me to breakout.... No amount of benzoyl peroxide or antibiotics can control that... I had pretty bad acne. I was on 5 cycles of Accutane which didnt help since it kept coming back. Long Story short. Research Insulin Levels and hormones and Acne...... Basically, Sugar in all of it'
  3. @armanfiddles

    Broke me out!

    Broke me out!

    After 4 days of taking it. I got very small pimples, BUT super PAINFUL ones. Since accutane worked for me in the past, I wanted this product to work for me but it just didn't. It actually gave me body acne while I was on it. I took 10K IU's per day. I stopped taking it, and my painful small zits went away.
  4. @armanfiddles

    It broke me out!

    It broke me out!

    After 1 day of using it. I started getting cystic acne. I took 400 IU's per day I stopped using it. I stopped getting cystic acne.
  5. Mixed feelings about this product.

    I love acne.org products except for this one. This is the worst Acne.org product unfortunately. During the peeling period of the regimen(which is a month), it does NOTHING. Even if it is applied every hour. The good thing is it did not or does not break me out. CONS: Does NOT absorb into the skin. It leaves your skin looking oily like a pizza. It has a yellow tinge to it which makes you look like you have hepatitis (not a good look, on a already acne-ridden f
  6. Works Well. Did not aggrevate my Acne.

    Works well like other 2.5 benzoyl peroxide. What makes this product special is that it glides on the skin easily making the application a breeze. Secondly, it absorbs well and does not feel greasy. Lastly, it works well with using a moisturizer after it. This product did not have a purging effect on my skin. My acne just got better. but I would not say that it is what cured my acne. I would attribute I would say 30%.
  7. The best cleanser out there!

    This is probably acne.org's best product, in my opinion. It is effective at removing make-up. It is gentle and can be used twice a day. And most importantly, it does not break me out. Although I do not follow the recommended 10 second rule more like 1 minute of gentle cleansing, it still works well for me. No doubt my favourite out of all the acne.org products.
  8. The best Mattifier bar none, did NOT break me out!

    I have super oily skin, like after showering, it only takes 15 minutes for my skin to start producing oil. Out of all the mattifier moisturizers I have tried, this one works the best. Although it does not work 100%, it does a pretty damn great job. Without it, I would blot my face with toilet paper 10 times per day at work. WITH IT, I would only have to blot 3 times. NOTE: This product goes on white, and dries clear. DO NOT work it in. Apply a t
  9. Doesn't hurt to take it, did not break me out

    I only take D3 because I live in a place where we hardly get any sun. Also, I started taking it because this website says it is good for you. It does NOT break me out which is good, and gives me good energy.
  10. Works like accutane without the side effects!

    PROS: Started working after two days. I stopped breaking out. CONS: Current acne took forever to go away, like (a month) NOTE: I do break out once in a while, but not because of Zinc. It was more my diet, but even if i do breakout now, they are very small and usually does not surface, and if it does, it is a very small pimple that comes to a head the next day.
  11. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

    This is the only product that worked as well as accutane did for me. I've been using it for 2 years. There seems to be a lot of people giving up on Epiduo/Tactuo/Tactupump way too soon. You guys gotta push through the first month of stingy/raw/sunburned feeling skin. Just Use it at night before going to bed..... then MOISTURIZE during the day.