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  1. Some people just love doing that to maximize the agony of other people. It is apparent that the thread starter is doing it on purpose, especially with the use of those big caps. He will get his just dessert in time to come. Nobody's skin condition stays the same forever.
  2. Regarding the BP that you're applying on your pustules, I'm not one to recommend specific topical treatments because I know skin is highly individualized, but have you considered sulfur? A few months ago when I was still getting active pustules, I bought a tube of acne cream with sulfur as its main ingredient. I did some research and realized that it's actually the unsung hero when it comes to drying out acne, with BP and SA as the two mainstays. I tried sulfur for a while and realized that it r
  3. I agree, its just hard to have any confidience to go out and have fun when your face is covered with acne and scars. I used to have perfect skin and out of nowhere last year it just got bad and has gotten better then just recently its gotten worse... any good facewashes you know of? Oftentimes, people exaggerate the severity of their acne. I'm not sure what you meant when you use the term 'it just got bad...gotten worse'. It's too subjective unless you have a photo around here. For the faci
  4. Sigh, it has come to this. My question is in the title itself. How many years of your life are you willing to give up for clear, blemish-free skin? Let's put it this way, skin that's so good, you would get praised no less than 3 times a day (by strangers on the street). And it would stay that way until you're supposed to leave this world for good. Me, I would give up 7 years of my life. What about you?
  5. If it's any consolation, you have age (youth) on your side. You're 18. I wish I was 18 again and there would be loads of time for me to figure out different treatments. Just go enjoy life in college, make friends and indulge in food.
  6. I drink milk by the gallon and it doesn't affect (worsen) my acne one single bit. I tried cutting out milk for a few months and it did nothing either. I'm just amazed how fast milk has a reaction on you (you mentioned waking up to 3 new spots after drinking milk the day before). I mean, haven't you been drinking milk all along? And does it break you out without fail every morning? Or is this some placebo reaction to your new 'milk control' diet? That as soon as you get a new spot, you attribut
  7. Yeah, that's what I thought too; a month on Doxy definitely won't cut it. The best experience I had on that drug was when I took it for 8 months and the results were consistent. I had smooth, blemish free skin. It even seemed to lighten the existing scars. Dang. Anyway, that doctor is trained in dermatology so he doubles up as a dermatologist and in fact, more patients consult him for skin problems than for the common flu. I've had great success with that doctor in the past but it sucks that h
  8. Acne has not won. Just carry on doing what's best for your skin and I'm sure it will get better. 5 more inflamed papules? Make that 4 in a week. Then 3 in another week. One less is one less. Take it one at a time. Wait for one to dry, scab and heal then deal with another one. For every one that goes down, curse it to oblivion then move on to the rest with your skincare regimen.
  9. True that! I tried eliminating gluten, grains, citrus fruits, milk, and a whole host of you-name-its but my condition remained the same. In fact, I felt weaker and more depressed that I was actually depriving myself of food that is otherwise perfectly edible. It's not sewage or crude oil that we're talking about here...food is life.
  10. Just curious, you emphasized that your acne has been cleared ever since taking Accutane in 2014 so why do you still need a second round? Was it under the advice of your dermatologist? I mean, what did he see in your skin to warrant a second round?
  11. My point was to find similar people who are resistant to milk and its acne-causing properties. From there, maybe we can work out a common solution to tackle the acne since we are already similar on that level. It's a bit far-fetched but worth a try.
  12. Wow, thanks. That's very kind of you! I guess that's what this forum is for -- mutual support. I also noticed in your signature that one of the things that failed you was 'eating healthier'. You know what? That failed me as well. I've learned to come to terms with it after reading what another person wrote on this forum. Basically the idea goes that we *think* we can control our acne by eating healthier because food is something we put into our mouth and we can shut it out easily. Sounds nice in
  13. Summary: the more I read about probiotics (and about people taking them as supplements), the more I gather that it worsens acne rather than improve it...this is freaky stuff. Interesting research, indeed. Probably that explains why I seem to be keeping acne at bay when I was drinking milk without a care in the world. However, I'm still skeptical because the lactoferrin used in the research is most definitely a concentrated strain of milk that is far more potent than the regular milk we dr
  14. Sigh, I suppose I could live with chronic dry eye and depression as long as my face is clear. It gives me full confidence to face the world and take on my dreams. Now, I'm just a mess and I can't concentrate on what I'm doing. Objectively, I think my skin condition doesn't warrant Accutane (yet) but it's so annoying to have a cyst pop up every now and then, and to have those red, inflamed pimples all over. And did I even mention the pigmentation? Sigh. I really wish I won't decide to go on Accut
  15. Very well said. It's 2016. We sent humans to the moon like 50 years ago and they can't do anything for a cyst. It's immeasurably frustrating.