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  1. Aww Jane... where are youuu!? :(

    1. Cool I'm from SA- I'll see if we have the same offer here I hope SOOO
    2. hey sweetie, how are you doing? =] my regimen is going pretty well so far! Everything is pretty clear except my damn chin ("after period" breakouts im thinking..grr)

      1. Hey! I started the new year of uni with 2 big cysts on my cheek yay. Other than that its been ok! It sux when you HAVE to go doesnt it? I have to be at 85% of everything or its an automatic fail. damn. I actually have a couple of lectures at your uni this semester so if u see me and recognise me say hi!

        1. Herro Mandy

          How's the new regimen going?

          Keep me posted!!!! :)

          1. I use 2 blushes light one on the apples darker below the apples so i make cheek bones out of chubby buddah cheeks hahahah
          2. How's Uni? I'm tutoring this semester- SO i HAVE to go- so hopefully I don't make messes :P or I will probably die hahahahaha

            Hope you're well :)

            1. Jane86

              Just me

            2. PS Mandy- this is the dress I was talking about It's like a tunic dress but it's silk It had short sleeves- like a t shirt length and it came just above the knee Ps it was 100F that night so I look like a shiny disco ball- my apologies
            3. Well the little dot peeled again but I think he will peel once more before he's gone Nothing else is happening However- due to massively up close and high resolution photo for staff thing at Uni I hate the size of my pores and want to cut some sections of my skin out This is why HUGE on chin and around nose area But small on cheeks Suck a fuck stupid pores Okay I know I shouldn't be complaining, but my log, my complaints The end
            4. If you use liquid makeup you can get away with waiting less time before you apply your makeup- after moisturising If you use a powder or mineral makeup you need to wait 5-15 minutes after moisturising to ensure it has been adequately absorbed by your skin- that way you get a more flawless application of makeup I recommend ramping up your BP slowly but so you eventually get to 2 fingers a day ( i can get away with 1.5 a day= full finger at night, half in morning, but that's just me) good luck
            5. Okay so it's Monday night/Tuesday morning, 3am and the little mess I made on my cheek on Saturday afternoon completely peeled off and just left a little red dot where the original white head would have been 2 days is pretty darn good- jojoba and rosehip really do the trick- as does mineral makeup- the zinc oxide really helps inflammation etc and if I have makeup on I'm much less likely to make more of a mess The little dot might dry up and peel again but it should be gone completely in anothe
            6. moisturise i recommend aloe jojoba rose hip oil the oils are best they make it heel nice- help to reduce scabbing and if it does scab - it peels off easily alternatively- dry it out- use antiseptic