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  1. There has not been a single study showing that dermastamping or derminator is superior to dermarolling but this forum is resistant to evidence.
  2. This is a very sensationalized title. This study was done on in vitro cells from human and mice. It's very far from the actual patient with acne scars.
  3. The actual evidence behind scar treatments is generally of very bad quality and often with a low number of patients. One major flaw of almost all designed trials is that do not wait to include patients until 2 years after last active acne lesion (or not having controls). The presence of PIE is a dead giveaway. Therefore most results presented in the studies are confounded by the body's natural healing capabilities.
  4. There is no need for this condescending tone. I was just giving my opinion based on the pictures. I just finished my dermatology rotation in medical school and our professor just made the point about the absence of inflamed comedones in folliculitis. But anyway, go to the doctor and get a bacterial swap done. It can never hurt.
  5. This is not true. Acne and folliculitis have different morphologies although distinguishing the two can be tricky. Folliculitis will be pustular and there will not be any closed or opens comedones and no nodules and papules. This is a good example of folliculitis:
  6. I don't think it's folliculitis, as you can clearly see acne comedones in your pictures, which are not present in folliculitis.
  7. This makes absolutely no sense at all. muscle-memory has to do with motor function.
  8. I'm just saying OP will likely see some improvement with conventional dermarolling. Ps. I think the gifs you posted are exaggerating the difference. They are from Dermapen interested in selling their device. Edit: Links to Suppliers
  9. Dermarolling is still an excellent cheap at-home scar treatment method. It is established through a significant amount of evidence (search pubmed). Dr. Davin Lim just posted a guide to safely dermaroll at home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5o_EWxI23Y