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  1. I had one round, about 4 weeks ago now, I'm pretty sure I am seeing results. A few comments... first, my dr. was dr. alkek and I did get a dermabrasion i think 3 months ago which I am still healing a little bit from, some redness or really easy flushing occurs with heat, exercise, or sun... but that isn't what this thread is about. He gave me one round for 100 dollars since I was a dermabrasion patient and said that would probably be the only treatment I'd need. I made sure to show him "exac
  2. you can tell the bullshitters apart from the people who are serious when it shows that it is either their first post or how they say something along the lines of "HI EVERYONE, i just found this product called ACNE SCAR REMOVER or something like that then very fakely describe their experience with them as well as millions of others... who have had completely ridded their acne using this product from the blah blah blah website. Come check it out, I know you will be as satisfied as I was... I mean
  3. it's permanent and I am seeing results from it.
  4. hey I'm sorry I have been pretty absent from this forum, but I've been doing my best to keep my mind off my face and my scars, as very difficult as it is. However, there has been enough progress to where it is much easier. I can't really tell you how improvement is or has been since I began scar revision, but it's better and I can now at least partially move on. Last I saw the doctor 2 months after the dermabrasion, he and the nurses seem to think that it was healing fine. I do like dan have
  5. Well, it would be hard to say without showing you a picture. I do not think that my skin is but about 1/2 way finished remodeling but that is a very rough guess. Some people who have documented their progress note change up to 6 months after their procedure(s) but I can tell a big difference. I would say that it is definitely easier to live with and seeing in the mirror... that I am a slave to... but yeah my main "issue" at this point in time is flushing. I take a 1000 mg vitamin c 50 mg zin
  6. If I had unlimited funds I would do a whole lot more than fix my scars... but if the money could only be used for my skin then I would say, I don't know, it depends on where you would eventually be happy with settling. One thing is for sure it would take a lot of stress about it off.
  7. well, I had my dermabrasion during this summer so I actually have told people that I was just sunburned when they asked but at the same time they pretty much know that I wasn't and are just asking to see if I will talk to them about it. People at my age see me trying to correct acne scars as "plastic surgery" and are in some ways I feel intrigued by it as they see it as a measure of enhancing yourself to being perfect. But I do not see it that way at all ofcourse. Someone who has felt the emo
  8. Sheryllynn- My face "felt" tighter and kind of stiff for about the first four weeks and slowly subsided as the slight swelling did as well however it suprisingly didn't really seem to make much of an overall difference in the appearance of my scars because about 85-90 percent of my scars are ice picks or box cars that sort of look like ice picks. So redness and discoloration are the main factors that make the scarring less noticible which has almost completely faded now but still remains somewh
  9. okay it's been about 5 1/2 weeks now and I can tell at some points my redness is almost gone but after I get out of the shower it gets redder and I blush more easily however I anticipate this eventually subsiding because even after fraxel I blushed/flushed easily for at least 2 months after my last treatment but got better and better so I just think it takes time for the skin to heal back to its normal thickness. I am very happy with the results though. I feel like my skin is about 75-80 perce
  10. I know this is a perm. filler thread but what about radiesse? I don't really like the idea of having a filler cut out but you do hope that the filler does only good and that would of course be the last resort however radiesse lasts I think 1-2 years but I dont know how the results are. I bet drs who do bio or silicon also offer radiesse or another semi perm. filler (which are there any others?) so, maybe if you are happy with what the dr gives you with a semi perm then you will feel better abo
  11. I have a similar issue fraxel was not able to go deep enough to losen and repair a depressed area I had on my right cheek although it helped and after dermabrasion it looks to be about 80 percent better from when I started fraxel and I was think of having a perm. filler as well. I'm sorry sheryllin to hear about your experience with silicon. Who was your doctor and when did you have it done. I have read quite a few success stories with silicon although a few bad ones too... it sucks that scar
  12. actually microdermabrasion is a lot different from dermabrasion. Micro dermabrasion is as you said but dermabrasion uses a tool such as a wire brush, diamond fraise, or a pear shaped cone depending on depth, to basically sand down the scars. The advantages are that if the doctor is skilled he can go as deep or as shallow as you need and the disadvantage is that the margin for error is very high and complications and risks are especially high for people with darker skin due to pigmentation iss
  13. I remember turning really red while running and for an hour later, but the next day it would always look a lot better; it was obvious the running helped. With each run, the rednesss would improve dramatically. Also, don't wash your face in the shower as the warm water will irritate it further. Good luck with it all. Yeah I mean you wouldn't be normal if your face wasn't a little red after running, but I can tell my skin is thinner however I have noticed it getting a little thicker as I hav
  14. hey everyone, yes I've definitely seen significant improvement and continue to see further improvement I think, sometimes it seems hard to tell because the process is definitely very slow. I have seen slight changes on a weekly basis while the surface is much much smoother and scars are much shallower I am ultimately like everyone else trying to get them to fill in which is what I mean by slight changes. Some scars have not returned since the initial skin rehealed while a great deal of them ha
  15. Ravenblack- I think I read your post about you running everyday aiding in your recovery which was one of the things that got me thinking. I read somehwere that my dr. had said to wait six weeks. So I will probably just go with that. My redness right now is mainly right when I get out of the shower and in a few particular areas which makes me wonder about exersising because I think the flushing would cause the redness to last longer. I don't know we'll see I'll definitely start slow anyway.