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  1. I have drinking green smoothies for few months now everyday and I dont think it has helped with my acne. But since it's healthy, I'll just continue drinking it anymore. My green smoothie consists of 1 apple 2 bananas a bunch of leafy vegetables (spinach etc) I use a different vegetable everyday.
  2. Hi I've decided to try this because many have reported results but I have some questions though. 1) Does it help with acne or clogged pores? 2) Im getting the 1.5 one for my acne scars and I want to get a shorter one for maintenance. I cant decide between 0.25 or 0.5. I read 0.25 helps products penetrate better and 0.5 helps with collagen renewal and wrinkles. 3) After your roll, will there be tiny holes on your face? Does it hurt after rolling? Thanks!
  3. It costs $50 so much cheaper than other places. But Im wondering if it's realiable and authentic?
  4. Thanks LionQueen. I dont understand why mandelic acid is sooo much expensive than retinoids. Is mandelic acid best for blackheads and acne only or red marks too? Im wondering what's the difference between mandelic acid , glycolic acid and BHA. BHA didnt help with my backheads. Im using glycolic acid for peels.
  5. How does mandelic acid work better than retin a/tazorac? Is it stronger or gentler? I was using retin a/tazorac previously and it did not help with blackheads or fade acne scars. It only kept me from breaking out a lot.
  6. Are your red marks really gone for good or just faded? I have tried stuff which faded my red marks but they can never be gone. So Im kinda hesistant to try. It's like bio oil, some said it works and some said it doesnt.
  7. They sell glycolic acid peels etc. Someone said it was previously lookgreat.co.uk. Thanks I will file paypal claim now.
  8. I ordered on the 21th dec and till not they have not shipped it. They have charged my card but under my account, they didnt indicate if they have shipped. Do they notify when they have shipped? Im very worried because I placed a large order and Im not sure if I've been cheated. I emailed them so many times and they have not reply. urghhhh Im thinking of filing paypal.
  9. I almost wanted to get it but I guess not now. Time? Gosh, then I'll probably have to wait till I die before my scars fade. My acne scars are still there after a year. *sigh*
  10. The lookgreat website doesnt seem to work anymore and I dont want to buy from puredeming because they didnt reply my email. Any other places which are affordable and good?
  11. A while ago, I suddenly developed these clusters of tiny bumps which look like clogged pores around my cheek, mouth and chin. They went away after 2 days. However they came back again on and off. Now Im having them especially around the mouth and chin and eyes. I havent changed my skincare routine. I dont know what's causing it.
  12. I dunno. Im close to a month using it. But my red marks are still there. They're not totally gone. Those who have used it for a few months, did your red marks disappear for good? I find that when I use it twice a day, it makes no difference.
  13. yea it makes me skin pale too like really white. But retin a does the same too. I think exfoliants will make you fairer. My face is like whiter than my neck. Anyway update. My skin is looking better from the first few times I started using. Maybe it really made me purge and the purging has stopped. I noticed my red marks are fading too for the past few days. BUT today I noticed my red marks are darker. weird. I hope it's not losing its effect because my red marks really faded. Anyway for thos
  14. How long did it take for you to see results? I've been using it for slightly more than a week and I havent really seen much improvements. I seem to have more clogged pores and whiteheads. I was using retin a before and it was not too bad. The itchiness is driving me crazy. urgh.