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  1. Hi all I thought it was prudent to let you all know that I have been very unwell. Back in June I ended up in hospital for two weeks being treated for acute pancreatitis caused by gallstones. Since this happened, I have obviously been looking into it alot and have found that acute pancreatitis is a known side effect of both Yasmin bcp and Spiro. I started Yasmin back in August 2015 and ended up in A&E/ER with stomach pain. It wasn't until January 2016 I was diagnosed as having gallstones
  2. Hey everyone,

    It just occurred to me I haven't posted for ages. That goes to show how much my skin has improved. I'm so happy. My skin is beautiful. 

    If you're struggling with spiro, please give it a decent chance. It's been a God send. 


    1. Bubbles15


      What has been your experience with spiro?? How long did it take to clear your skin? Initial breakout? Im on thyroid meds which i wonder if they are making my skin worse but hoping spiro will still help!!!

  3. Hi there, From what I've read, Spiro is notorious for causing menstrual irregularities. You shouldn't get pregnant while taking Spiro anyway so I would suggest going on the pill to help with your periods. I am on Yasmin and I haven't had any problems at all with my periods.
  4. Definitely keep going with the Spiro if your testosterone levels are high as it will help for sure. I wanted to give up so bad but something kept telling me to give it a little longer and low and behold my skin started to clear. It WILL be a while, I think some people have said up to 8 months! Thankfully I didn't take that long to respond but it was a good 4/5 months like I mentioned before. Keep going!
  5. Hey, no problem! Yes I take Yasmin too. I started taking it about a month or so before the Spiro so I don't know if that prolonged the initial breakout. But keep going! Would be great to hear of your progress x
  6. Hi Courtney, I am taking 100mg Spironolactone too. It has taken about 4 months for my skin to clear. My skin was sooooo bad when I started taking Spiro, I have never been so spotty in my life so Spiro definitely makes skin a whole lot worse before it gets better. I was on the verge of giving up so many times but I wanted to stick it out and I'm soooo glad I did. You must be prepared for your skin to get significantly worse for a good while before it gets better but it will get there. For me t
  7. Pictures aren't greatest quality but I wanted to post an update for you all. You can see my skin is significantly improved now. Not perfect, having a minor breakout of small pimples but I did a quick glycolic acid peel the other day so maybe it's that. I will document my skin progress in the peels for the mild scaring/red marks and sun damage. Hope your journeys are going well :)
  8. I haven't noticed any hairloss particularly. Although I do think before I started taking it that my hairlines was receding and I think this was due to an excess of testosterone
  9. Hey ladies Just wanted to give you all an update. I am now 12 weeks on Spiro; 19 weeks on Yasmin and this is my skin today. I can't tell you how happy I am. It looks worse than it is. My skin is so soft and the red marks you see I think are just scars. I am going to try some at-home Glycolic Peels for the mild scars/sun damage/blackheads on nose. My wrinkles on my forehead are vastly improved although I am still wrinkly around my eyes much to my dismay. I wanted to quit so
  10. I can see a good improvement since you start 

    1. luanndanielle


      Thank you, it continues to get better and better so I'm very pleased :)

  11. 8 weeks on spiro

    15 weeks on yasmin 

    Still suffering although it's not as bad as before



    1. Hey guys, just wanted to give you an update. I'm just over 6 weeks in (I'm guessing I counted the dates wrong on my last post). Things are steadily improving. Day by day, I see a difference now. It started to improve about 5 days ago I think and has been getting better everyday. Fingers crossed!