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  1. Hi guys. I've heard that using tretinoin cream will make you breakout initially. I am done with .025% of tretinoin cream. Everything went well. I did not have the purging period when I used it for 2 months. But recently over the past few weeks after I was prescribed with the 0.05% I noticed that I've been having very bad breakouts which I never had when I started consulting a derm. It's been about 3-4 weeks already but the purging stage is still not stopping. BTW, I started to breakout on the 2n
  2. Sometimes these people get into my head especially when they START POINTING OUT my skin in front of someone and I would just start crying and be depressed about it when I get home (btw not the right thing to do).It's just the way I release my anger and frustration. I hope that someday they get to feel what they do to other people.
  3. Once, but never again. I can't blame you. I had the same feeling about my acne. I was very angry at that time and was telling my friends and family that if God did exist why would he let this happen to me? To teach me a lesson? For what? Why is he making me suffer all the time? What did I do to deserve all of the pain and embarrassment I am experiencing?Things like that. But after some time, I got to reflect and restored my faith through their encouragement. It's really hard to know why such thi
  4. My experiences in life made me a pessismist given the fact that I'm also an introvert. Now what's the connection? It makes life much harder for me. As an acne sufferer, I look for people that I can talk to or have fun with but being an introvert keeps me away from doing those things. It has come to the point wherein I don't even talk to my relatives,especially my cousins, anymore.Therefore I have this feeling of being "isolated" within myself. Maybe because I don't have self-confidence at all.
  5. After the first appointment with my dermatologist, I can say that my face from then on started to improve with the medications he gave me.I still get zits though but the diffference is that they dry up quicker than usual. Also they are not as big as they were before. Im really glad that it is getting better I'll go back to my dermatologist by December and I look forward on what the next step is to be taken. I'm starting to turn my life around and get my act together. I've been doing very w
  6. That's really awful. I just can't stand how rude these human beings can be with people like us who have acne. One way or another they will get what they deserve. Don't mind them. I hope you're doing better now. :)
  7. Can't blame you though. Scarring is also starting to scare me. It's all over my temples and cheeks. I feel sad. Everytime I would go get a haircut I can't look straight in the mirror because if I do I know l'll feel very bad and cry all day. But still I need to move on. You can do this!! Never give up!
  8. My cheeks. Cant look straight in the mirror. I would always feel bad. So much scarring and I can't even afford having laser treatments. VERY EXPENSIVE.Still a student and studying. It kills me knowing that I still need to wait for 5 years before I could actually get a job and save up for the laser treatments needed to eliminate my scars.
  9. My best advice would be, try visiting a dermatologist(if you haven't) it helps a lot rather than using over-the-counter acne medications. They probably have a solution out there. Just try it out and good luck with your journey! Hope everything goes well for you.
  10. Hi!! I'm sorry I just had to write this down. This is probably the greatest acne day of my life. Please take time to read I was so excited this day because I was going to have my first ever dermatologist appointment. I asked my MOM to help me out. So we went out, I got a haircut and we immediately proceeded to my apppointment. When we got there the dermatologist asked me questions about different things and I really think that she is the right fit for me because she explains every detail and
  11. I think the best place to start is to try to eat "whole foods." So foods that are as close as possible to how they are in nature and avoid processed foods. So more vege/fruit, whole grains, meats etc but less things like cakes and chips that have been created with oils, chemicals and sugar. This is a good way for anyone to eat for their overall health. Of course there are so many diet rcommendations out there it gets confusing - low carb/high carb, low fat/high fat, paleo, vegan, raw foods ..
  12. Stress triggers my acne as well. I've noticed that when I'm happy and positive my face gets better. However, as what you have said it's not that easy. I'm really a short-tempered person and I have no patience at all. I want things to be done as soon as possible. So I really get frustrated when I see my face in the mirror without any improvement at all. But on the other hand I really think that "IT'S ALL IN THE MIND". To prevent stress I would usually watch movies or anything that would keep my a
  13. I'm having my first appointment today!! Just wanted you guys to know. Thanks for you support
  14. Thank you for both of your help. Just what I needed!!
  15. Hi! Today I think I have found out what has been causing my acne all these time, aside from stress it is mostly my diet. I've noticed that sugary foods aggravate my acne. For example yesterday, I ate Nutella (I just can't stop myself) and now I have two big zits on my face and it hurts. This has happened several times already. Cakes, Sundae, Pasta, any sugary food breaks me out. So today, I have decided to pursue a good and consistent diet, hopefully get rid of my acne. But how? I really don't