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  1. whats the call , does it work? wanting to hear from rent stuff
  2. hey I was wondering what you mean by shedding. I have had diffuse thinning for 2.5 years following a year of accutane. I cant figure out if I have CTE or mpb, Im a dude and have really short hair so Im assuming thats why I dont have visible shedding but if I had long hair it would shed. Im assuming you mean falling out by shedding.
  3. Took accutane two different times for 6 months on 40-60mg. After a few months I noticed a drastic loss of facial fat, skin around my cheeks, forehead, jaw, chin, eyelids became very thin. While I use moisturizer, no blood problems and I was around 18 when it started. While one could assume baby fat, but my eyelids are now paper thin. The skin under my eyes and front cheek area is very thin now. Baby fat is mainly side of the cheeks and jaw area.
  4. Do you think one could have telogen effluvium without hair shedding or it that not possible. I think I have had TE for about 2 years or diffuse thinning. Can't really figure it out.
  5. hey dude your hair loss is exactly the same as mine, identical to the way you described it. Its been two years for me. Its possible you have CTE or maybe accutane triggered MPB.