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  1. I see what you mean about the drying... oowwhhh! :oops: To make matters worst I had to have my photograph taken for my college pass, argh! I looked like I had been scalded! Oh well, **it happens. I'll probably just "lose" this current pass and get another one... hehehe... :twisted: On the 'Pain'oxyl, I did ask for the aquagel but they didn't have any, plus I was pushed for time so I didn't really have time to look around. Anyway, thanks for the info.
  2. Yup. Those Rolleyes are worrying me now... Why?
  3. Crikey - Tough question. It had crossed my mind, but after some serious thought - what good would it actually do? I mean, if your dead, then it is infinately worse. What a waste of a life over something as simple (but awful) as acne. How do burns victims cope? Or people with cancer? I my eyes I have a minor problem compared to some.
  4. Hello again! I haven't posted for a few weeks, christmas and all. Anyway, I had to get some more BP yesterday, and the only type they had was the alcohol based sort. I normally get the 'aquagel'. What are the differences between the two, and what variety do you use? If your not sure, you can tell by the consistency and smell. The alcohol based gel has a very strong smell and is runnier. (PS. Dan - It was a great idea putting in a lounge!)
  5. It probably is the BP, after I use it I get terrible 'crows feet' beside my eyes, and my cheeks look awful when I smile (I look older than what I am, 21)
  6. This is probably a really. really dumb question, but can someone remind me what scotch tape is? Is the same as surgical tape? Update: S-e-l-l-o-tape. Ahh.
  7. I'm on a PC and I've had no problem with the Videos. I'm using WinXP with Quicktime v6. (The videos are very well done by the way!)
  8. Perhaps using the 2.5% as a general all-over gel, and using the 5% on individual spots? Any thoughts?
  9. The fresh spots have to run their course first, and after a while you shouldn't get any more new spots. Thats how it is with me anyway, I've had some good results with BP.
  10. I get the feeling that when the nurse popped your spots she didn't fully remove all the pus inside them. When I used to have bad spots, I made sure that they were completely empty before applying anything to them. If you are doing this at nighttime, you might want to put a small plaster over the popped spot so no bacteria (from bedsheets or whatever) can get into the spot. When the spot has dryed up, you can leave the plaster off.
  11. I use to believe this, but I coming to feel that this is not true. All a moisteriser does is replace lost moisture in the skin so it shouldn't clog up your pores.
  12. Hi there! I've been using a similar regime to you, dove soap to wash, a layer of BP (2.5%), and then olay to moisterise (I tend to only use this if my skin gets dry from the BP). Using this regime, I've managed to keep 99% spot free. The only problem I've had is if I run out of BP, my face tends get a few spots again. I wouldn't use the apricot scrub too much, as it might be a bit too abrasive, but that may not be true for everybody, so if you think it's working then by all means continue. Anyw
  13. It's BP causing redness. I stopped using it for a couple of days because it was drying my skin out too much. My skin went back it's normal colour afterwards.