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  1. Ya, I thought so too. Especially after reading a lot of comments, i thought it might take a month or more to start showing any difference. For now, might be because of Duac, but the cystic acne is under control. My fourth week is over today and the process of getting new acne is stagnant. So i will wait out one more month to see what's going to happen. I am trying to get my snacking habits under control because i want the best out of the lymecycline. But that is the real struggle. Anyway, t
  2. I had not realized that the edit i had done had erased all the words. Long story short, the pic on the top is what my skin used to look like a year ago. The pictures after that are the progression of cystic acne due to stress and hormone imbalance. The last two are a week after dual and tetralysal.
  3. Hello guys, I have a cyst forming on my left cheek, right beside my nose. Within the last week, it grew quite big, around an inch. Today, the top part has become quite soft but the rest is still very tight, red and painful. To ease the pain, i have been compressing the area with warm cotton pad. My question is what do you guys do when you have a big cyst or cystic nodule (not sure if they are the same thing)? With all things acne related, every article online says not to poke or squeeze th
  4. This is my third week on Lymecycline. My GP has told me to visit him after the 3rd week if i don't see any difference. I am a little confused because over the two weeks, I have seen Duac working a little bit to calm the breakout but I don't think i have seen Lymecyline work. Over the couple of days. my face has broken out quite a lot, with one humongous painful nodule beside my nose. Did your skin purge? Also, when do you take your pills? The leaflet said i could have it with or without fo
  5. Ya same. Not a huge fan of medications. I resisted pills for quite a while until my acne kept getting worse and i had to take action. But you are right, it is always better to try topical treatment first, accompanied with good diet obviously, and see how that goes.
  6. My skin is similar to yours. I have been suffering from severe cystic acne for about 3 months now. Before that i had mild acne for about 6 months and before that i had clear skin. So relatively new to severe acne. The process has been very confusing and definitely humbling. I am 27 now. I also eat clean but i do not have any control when it comes to sugar and i am positive now that sugar is what triggers my acne. The time i started getting acne was also the time i had started learning how to bak
  7. Just finished reading your entry. I have been on Lymecycline for two weeks now. Have you had to go on it again after your first cycle? You skin looks great by the way.
  8. I am on Lymecycline and Duac. I just started a week ago. I am hoping that it will work and that i don't have to take Accutane or even take those antibiotics again. But we won't know. After reading tons of stories on this forum, it looks like antibiotics and sometimes, even Accutane is not a permanent solution for acne. I have just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. Good luck to you too.
  9. Hang in there! I did not get out of my house for almost a month when my acne was at its most severe stage. But slowly, i started easing into the process of facing the public. My acne is getting better, slowly, but it is still a struggle. I am currently on Duac and Tetralysal and hoping for the best in coming couple of months. Wish you the best.
  10. Just saw your blog. Accutane seems to be working very well for you! Did your skin not purge at all? Or is that something that happens after a while?
  11. I am on Tetralysal Lymecycline (408mg) currently. I have been on it for only a week now. I am using Duac gel topically as well and have been for the past two weeks. Though i have severe nodular cystic acne, I am only on Tetralysal rather than Accutane because i didn't i want to risk the side effects. I was glad my GP also recommended me to start with Tetralysal first. I am have been told to take it for two months. I am worried about the possibility of my skin purging on this new antibiotic. So f
  12. I am feeling hopeful. There aren't any signs of new nodules and the ones that are still present have started to soften a bit. The cystic acne are coming and going away quite quickly. The redness is somewhat under control. Going out in public without make up is becoming easier the more i go out. The process of building back the lost confidence due to sudden severe cystic acne burst is going well. Here is to not letting acne take over our lives!