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  1. No they will just make your skin even oilier. I'm a guy and don't use makeup but any sort of wipes will only cause your skin to produce more oil because of the "dryness" feel your skin gets after using a wipe. Keep your skin moisturized with oil-free non comedogenic face lotions and also change your diet I realized greasy fast food, chips, pizza etc made my skin super oily and also smoking weed
  2. Do chemical peels, photodynamic therapy, or other facial surgeries help with acne or scar removal? I feel like my skin gets too clogged up with blackheads, whiteheads, and dirt that it causes acne. Would a chemical peel or photodynamic therapy session create healthier skin that's less prone to clogging up?
  3. Thanks! Do you know if Photo dynamic therapy works?
  4. I started taking accutane Oct 8 2014 - April 14 2015 and during my last three months I was on 180mg a day! It it is now Oct 9 2015 and my acne is back. I have nodular acne in my cheeks and the acne just keeps on increasing with a lot of redness. What are my options? Should I take accutane again or??