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  1. In the shower I don't care, I run my face under the water/shampooing/whatever (seriously I couldn't help it, I doubt anyone could), I never touch my face though...Then I wash my hands and apply the Cetaphil. When using Cetaphil I usually put alot in my hand, like a full palms worth then massage it into my face (30 secs at least). When in the shower I just do it after I'm finished everything else DO NOT RINSE OFF, get out, then pat the rest of it off without rinsing in water. When doing it
  2. I dunno about the whole 4-6 week thing. Maybe that is for specific types of acne. I know that many times I have been out for the night or just random times, and something touches my face or whever and I know a pimple will be there in the morning. You can feel it brewing even though you felt nothing before. The next morning it is there. I'm sure EVERYONE can relate to this. Maybe it's not for "chonic" or > mild acne? I dunno...
  3. I had used Dove for ages before switching to Cetaphil about a year ago. Used that until I read about Botchla's regimen, then used his regimen for about 2 months until it ran out (which was about a week and a half ago). Botchla's regimen was good, minimal breakouts (like 2-3 and minor), but I thought my skin always felt a touch (minor) raw and red and "medicated". Yes I did use moisturiser. I had read about the Cetaphil no water thing, and since I still had half a bottle left before starting
  4. Sounds to me that all of these signs/symptoms could be pyscho-somatic...People read that high does of B5 COULD lead to increased BP, SOB, heart palpitations, whatever...MY questions would be do you have any underlying medical problems? Were you sick at the time? Do you every get anxious/panic attacks/white coat syndrome/test anxiety? Quantify and Qualify these symptoms...These are questions I ask everyday when I assess patients. I don't take 10g of B5 a day but I do take 8 different vitamins a d
  5. Man this echoes my experience exactly (except for the month or 2 part). I am at the 3 week mark using the 2 products (5% BP in wash in Canada though), and over the last 2 days or so I have noticed my skin has alot of red bumps popping up from under the surface of my forehead and cheek area. It's difficult to explain I have never really experienced these pimples/marks before and they definately seem to go against previous acne patterns. They look like they'll clear pretty fast and definately not
  6. I have been using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for upwards of a year in conjuction with the Neutrogena On-the-spot (not a huge amount as per Dan's Tx) for about 6 months. Basically I just put the BP on active acne and only 1/2 your pinky finger nail amount on truely severe active acne (my judgement, overall I'm quite mild) and rub it in gently. Today I purchased C&C Blackhead Scub to see if I throw that into the mix if things will improve. Essentially I follow Dan's Regimen for the most
  7. Same here, very mild acne but persistant. I'm going to make an appointment tommorow and request the tane and be done with it. I get cystic acne though I have 2 right now...they are rare but ALWAYS occur in the same spot when they pop up. It's enough for me...
  8. On Monday I'm going to bite the bullet and make an appointment with a derm. At 25 and having quite mild yet persistant acne for ~8 years I am fed up. I think the topper is the fact that I have a large cyst (I assume) in the center of my forehead. It's been there for over a week and shows no sign of drying. Thankfully it's been cold here and I can wear a touque all day @ work, so no one has seen it . When I see the derm I am going to ask to be put on accutane. I just want to be on the the mos
  9. I have been taking the following for 5 days... - Vit. A (beta carotene) 10,000 IU - Cod Liver Oil (Vit. A 3000 IU and Vit. D 1000 IU) - Pantothnic Acid (B5) 1000mg (1 gram) - Vit. B Complex 100mg - Vit. E 400 UI - Vit. C 500mg - Men's multivitamin - Thinking about adding zinc 25mg? Seems to be working so far, though I'm not discounting the pyscho-somatic effect. Less oil and no new zits. I have noticed I have a tonne of energy though since taking them. I have not altered my diet (
  10. Preface: 25 year old male with I would assume would be discribed as mild (on the low side of that), but PERSISTANT acne. Probably about 80-90% of my face is clear the vast majority of the time. I have a few problem areas mainly the sides of my chin down from each corner of my mouth, forehead at times, and temple area on both sides (I wear glasses 50% of the time so probably the cause there). I have (I think) alot of blackheads on my nose but I rarely get any acne there save for a mild zit tha