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  1. Ive been  clean and sober for over a year babydoll, i got my sobriety all together do to a Hemorrhoid! and that was the last thing thing that i imagined that would have took me me out of the the scene. So when you and Matty boy  have your first kiddo, send me a pic  [email protected]   and by the way my real name Stephan 1-559-513-9301

  2. Mizz Siava dont want no text or call, just wanna know your ok, had a dream about you

    1. Jaxin


      and no im not drunk

  3. Wassup Jaxman! Hope you're well broseph :)

    1. Jaxin


      im real and still drunk and high as as ever! but how bout you movin to Cali1

  4. Hey, stranger.

    1. Jaxin


      Heyo friend :) .....yes its been a long time :(

  5. this site....there's alot of good support here.
  6. Hey you! How is my friend jaxin doing? Haven't seen you around lately you lurker you! =P

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    2. Kairasa


      Haha you are a sweetie pie, duh! =) And I'm flying to Rome on Dec 17th...get there on the 18th!! I cannot wait! <3

    3. Jaxin


      Do ya still have a paypal account?

    4. Kairasa
  7. you and your beautiful self is back? or iz dis just a tease;)

  8. your memory is off one letter, I went to UCF not USF. Sorry about your boys losing though.

  9. if memory serves me correct your a USF fan! and if so, is you ready for my boys the "Fightin Irish" to fuck yer asses up;)

  10. When the lights are off..?

  11. I am looking to live the American dream with ma man Jax--

    lawyering to make some doe, then hittin the cali bars n clubs for the hotties.

    Hook a kiwi up with a green card, will ya? ;)

  12. jaxinator! i hope you're doing well, my friend.

  13. Hope you're well, glad you're back and participating!