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  1. Ok, I'm not saying the threadstarter IS, but let's just say that he is. He's a whiny boyfriend that calls her every 5 minutes and talks for hours and calls her sweety-pie and obeys every little thing she says and doesn't ever say no to her. She obviously had enough of it so she cheated. That's IF it happened like that though PLUS, you can make a girl still like you no matter how long you are in a relationship. It just depends on the guy.
  2. i was...14... the guy was younger than me and i didnt really like him a whole lot (we were friends, but i, you know... didnt like him that way) and my two girlfriends, and their two boyfriends kind of set us up together because were both like the third wheel, always hanging around being depressing while they were all getting it on... pretty much it was just out of convenience. when youre the only two kids in a room not making out, you figure "what the hell?" we were also both akward acne suffere
  3. i tried using tazorac and retin-a and other prescription creams i can't even remember the names for soooo many times, and never had any luck. i would always just go into crazy irritation/rednesss/burning/flakey peeling mode after just starting it, and never got anything good out of and only ended up damaging my skin more in the long run... i started green cream a month ago, and so far its been amazing. after a month my skin has been purging slowly and evenly, and not at all red or irritated.
  4. not only do the products suck, smell weird, feel awful on your skin, and generally make acne worse, but the company itself is a pain to deal with. i used proactive for a few months several years ago before it was available in malls. we had to order it by phone, and they put you in one of those automatic billing plans. its was SUCH a pain to cancel the membership and we still got charged again before we were finally able to get the picture through to them that we didnt want their crappy product
  5. yeah, i have very sensitive skin and after everything i've heard and read about green cream i was hesitant to start with 9, but the woman at the spa, from what i understood, said that she's found that the level 9 has the best consistency and will deliver faster results... and i guess she's recomended it enough times and seen positive results. she also told me to buy a sample first, because it was my first time (i was ready to buy the $40 bottle of lvl 6) so that i wouldn't waste my money in case
  6. everyone reacts differently, so its hard to say. one of the possible side effects is depression. i think it may be more likely if you are already prone to emotional instability, and if you will be taking birth control along with the accutane, like i was. let me just say, i was CRAZY while on accutane. i would have fits of rage where i would literally black out and start throwing things and screaming and crying, which is something i never did before accutane, or after. only while i was on it. i
  7. there are lightbulbs that i've bought before that are supposed to be like natural light. i never used them for my makeup, instead i just had them for photography purposes and i put a few in my reading lamps. i wonder if those might help
  8. boyfriends are overrated. my boyfriend of 4 years moved in with me about a month and a half ago. sometimes its great and fun and cute. but most of the time i just want to kill him in his sleep. then again, don't mind me. life experiences have me cold and cynical and i no longer believe in love and romance. OH WELL.
  9. i have several products i use religiously, but not because i love them... just because i can't find anything better. so i will only list the two things i know for sure i cannot live without: 1) a good black eye liner. 2) clinique pore minimizer instant perfector. OMG. this is my salvation.
  10. lol i've gotten into the habit of applying my make up in the car, with the car mirror. i know, its not a good habit. but i promise i only do when im stopped at red lights.
  11. woooo.. okay... wanted to add stuff to this topic which might be interesting to some people. i started using green cream about 4 and a half weeks ago. i'm 20, my skin history is that i've had acne since i was about 11, when i was 15/16/17 it was really at its worst, and on top of that i've always been a violent face-picker, so more so than acne, i've always had perpetual scars and scabs on my face. i've used proactive, otc treatments, antibiotics, accutane, retin-a, tazorac, differin, and tons
  12. okay, i've noticed that a lot of people tend bash bare minerals and show a preference for other mineral make ups. i've been using BM for a while and i've never noticed a problem with it. it doesnt give me perfect coverage but it makes me feel pretty comfortable and its never given me problems. so i didn't think twice about it. nowwwwww..... seeing how many people seem to dislike BM, and since i've never tried any other MMU at all, i'm beginning to wonder if the reason i'm satisfied with BM is
  13. uhhhhhhhhhhgggggqehjwqhjrgler i could write a book about my insecurities. first and most obvious is of course the acne and the scars and the huuuuge pores. next is my big fat nose. my nose is huge. the shape itself doesn't bother me so much, and my profile looks nice, but from the front its just this round, fat, massive thing on my face, and in in pictures with flash, or at certain angles, it just looks like its taking over my face. i hate it so so so much. and it doesn't help that my nose is
  14. eh heh.... when i first opened this up and didn't get to read and only saw the first picture i thought "WOW. that looks amazing." and then i saw that it was only the before picture. *sigh* my skin under make make up doesn't even come close to looking like yours does without make-up. lol. sucks to be me. but i know how you feel. i think also after using the make up a few more times you'll start to get the hang of it, as there is kind of a specific art to applying it and getting to know what
  15. totally... i know it was very subtle and weird... it just starts to feel like its normal to feel the way you do and you don't credit it to the accutant at all.. i already get bad mood swings and from time to time get violent thoughts, but they've never been serious. when i was on the accutane i reaaaaly felt awful and i would really get these serious urges to hurt myself. i dont know how many times i wanted to find a knife in the kitchen or sleeping pills but i would stop myself, because my ho