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  1. thank u very much i do use benzoyle but it just doent work i swear my skin is immune to it or something i will try the sulfer based
  2. i have had back acne since 6th grade, i hate going out in dresses because they are all backless, and all the girls in my class have perfect skin and im the only one with it i have tried everything from doxy which didnt get along with me well to retin-a that didnt work to well i felt greasy and it smelled weerd, and now im using apple cider vinegar and that neutrogena body wash, i just cant get rid of it and i would love it gone before graduation, im sick of being embarrassed to go in a swimsuit
  3. urs seems severe but its worth a long shot to try taking baths in epsom salt or sea salt ( it clears out the oil it might also sting a little) but u do see results fast, it brings the infection out also get neturogena body cleanser or w/e not the scub the the soapy kind, use that each time u shower, and get at least 2.5 benzoyle peroxide apple cider vinegar too even though it smells nasty it DOES work wonders so take a bath 2 times a week at least then use the apple cider vinegar wait for that
  4. try taking a bath in epsom salt, uh clean ur skin with apple cider vineagar or how ever it is spelt (i know that it is smelly but it DOES work) um and bp but u have very little so u shouldnt worry
  5. u can take a bath in epsom salt, use that neturogena body wash, buy bp
  6. i take doxycycline, was on monocyline for like a week but doxy is like AMAZING u just need to stick to it, it didnt help my body but my face is basically flawless now
  7. idk my back is so gross that idk what i have more of but yes i do get them as bad as it is i wash my hands and pop them and they usually go away but the only problem is that it spreads bacteria and causes more
  8. what i do is i get a plastic baggy filled with ice and then a hot steamed washcloth or something warm and i alternate them for about a minute each for about 20min - 1 hr it opens and closes the pores so the inside moves to the top, and the ice should make it less red and hurt less i hope that works for u
  9. im 15 and i feel the exact same way we have to go swimming for an entire month for pe :( it could possibly be that ur looking too hard at it and u notice it more than u think, but here are some tips to help u out 1. go to a doctor and see if they can prescribe u some doxycycline (idk how to spell it) it doesnt have TOO bad of side effects like accutane does it just takes some faithfulness and u need to take it for about 1 month to see results and 5 to get full clear skin (my skin is perfect o
  10. yes doxy is amazing but keeping faithful to it is really hard it has rid me of acne on my face but its still needs to work on my back but dont use too many chems at a time it will irratate ur skin
  11. its so meeh ever since zit 1 i cant stop popping plz help
  12. that looks like it could b a tomber or something u need to see someone
  13. accutane all it really does is stop the oil that is produced in the pores, you can get oil control lotion like i have (by mary kay) or i think its neutrogena has something for big pores that helps close them up a little and with black heads i find it easier to pop them cause they dont really scar but thats just me u mite not want to do that though
  14. i use mary kay they have one that controls oils on your face i use it for my back and chest too and so far its doing well
  15. in about 2 weeks i have like a formal thing my back is healing but i cant stop picking and i haev a dress and all of the girls out there know there is no such thing as a dress that covers your back and chest so plz what should i do