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  1. Thanks for the response. I agree that the resolution is somewhat blurry. I just realized they all say Peter Paul Rullan, Amir M. Karam in the bottom caption. Thanks again for your input. I hope these help others doing similar research into phenol peels.
  2. Here is the link..... https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Chemical-peels-for-darker-skin-types.-Rullan-Karam/51dc5ca8b726c0bd1a4e3d32d42ca10d7cf45c28 Are these all lighting tricks because some of these people appear to have had insanely good results. Just looking for other peoples opinions of if they think these photos are too good to be real. I am planning on having a chemabrasion done this year and have been trying to find some b4 and afters and came across this page. I am a white dud
  3. I am having recent success with subcision in combination with aggresive microneedling. Granted, all of my scars are on my temples and forehead, so i cannot speak to cheek areas. I have just always seen fillers as temporary (except sculptra). I made a post a few weeks ago about having success with the microneedling 6 days after subcision, and I can actually say my scars have improved noticeably since then. The volume loss is much less, and the surface is nearing flatness. I am having another ca
  4. Thanks for the quick response to my question. I think you are being modest when you say "I don't think the pictures show it, but skin texture has dramatically improved from the chemabrasion," because I SEE a HUGE improvement in your skin texture in your most recent pictures. Also, the fact that the chemabrasion "smoothed out the edges" of your pitted scarring makes the individual scars SOOO much harder to see. The difference between your very first original pictures and your most recent pictures
  5. Hello. I've been following this thread for a few weeks. Thanks for all the posts. I am currently doing canula subcision with a doctor, and at home microneedling for my scars. I want to eventually do a phenol peel w/ possible chemabrasion when I feel my scars are as even as I can get them from the subcision/microneedling. I have had the best results on my last cycle when I aggressively dermastamped the scars on the 6th day post subcision. I used a 2.5 mm dermapen and applied "mym advanced derma r
  6. Yeah, the Dr. injects saline after doing the subcision. It's been exactly 2 months since my subcision procedure. I am very pleased with the results. All the scars showed improvement. I would estimate anywhere between 25%-80% improvement on the individual scars. The scars that showed the most improvement were the ones that were more tightly tethered down. People have been discussing on here how it can take a few months for the collagen to rebuild itself, thus delaying the results. I would say th
  7. Just enjoy life as much as you can, because it goes by quick. Do what makes you happy and try not to care about what other people think. Death is the great equalizer.
  8. Yeah. They are small football shaped lumps under each subcised area. They only come up when I do the suctioning. I cannot see the lumps, I can only feel them. They disappear again after like 3-4 hours after the suctioning. They won't be needed to be treated with steroids or anything like that. It has been 4&1/2 days since the procedure. Things haven't changed much at all since the procedure. The scars look flat with surrounding skin. The skin is still a bruised purplish color. I'm just hop
  9. I just got done suctioning for the first time using the Chinese khangzhu set, with jaboba oil on my face (as Robertitoo recommended) . It seems the suctioning has caused hard lumps to form in the cavities in the dermis where the subcision needle had tore the under layers of the dermis. This is pushing the skin out where the indented scars were. I had the subcision done on smaller individual scars as opposed to large broad areas. There were 12 entry points total. Are these hard lumps dried bloo
  10. I just got back from my subcision. I don't think it matters much how long you wait between treatments so long as you give yourself enough time to heal. So I would wait 10 weeks minimum between treatments. The doctor who did this procedure was one of the most down to earth, intelligent persons than I have met in a while. He was a nice guy to talk to, seemed really knowledgeable and did an awsome job on the subcision (from my own personal judgment). Yeah my head is lumpy, but the scars are smooth
  11. I'm doing this procedure tomorrow morning with the same doctor. Wish me luck.
  12. If I missed something, I apologize, but I have a question. Did you have the subcision done on the forehead, or did you just have it done on the cheeks/ temple areas? I feel like I have very similar scaring on my temple areas, I hope your results are permenant, as they look really good so far.
  13. Hey scarredandsad34. check this video out. There are b4 and after photos on his website btw. It seems to have made a noticeable difference for this woman. It would make sense to me to have a large needle (18 gauge) to go in at multiple points of reference on your scar during subcicion. I would totally try this type of procedure. Be advised, that video is somewhat graphic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYdRAuCBKZ4
  14. Does anyone think subcision with suctioning would help raise the center of her scar to help make it appear more flat, then perhaps she could dermastamp to help with the redness and texture? Any thoughts on this approach? I think if I were her I would be looking for a doctor to try subcision aggressively.