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  1. yea thks for the reply but i wanted to knw if mixing bp and sa can be done cause ive been doin it and i never get any burns or excessive dryness at all.. sa supposed to get those pores cleared and cleaned which has exfoliating properties before putting bp on.. right?
  2. hey guys.. wondering if i could actually use neutrogena oil free wash which contains 2% salicylic acid.. ive been using it for the past 2 weeks an noticed improvements like no zits would pop out on my usual chin and forehead without the use of bp on those particular areas.. Been slackin off the regimen 2 months ago.. now ive got bout 4 pimples on both cheeks and marks .. its been clearing up but i wouldnt knw if the wash is slowing down the process of healing.. wat do u guys think??
  3. ive been on this regimen for about 3 months at least and i had seen significant effects after 1 and a half month or so. my skin was clear and soft but occasionally i get one or 2 big pimples and some red spots. now its started to get a bit more(the red small spots) especially on both of my cheek area. issit because of too much bp? my skin's not dry at all . and another thing is the occasionally pinples ig et is a bit large sometimes on my forehead and sides of my nose. what can i do to prev
  4. hey ennui! thks for the reply .. ermm i mst say u may have some allergic prob to bp. its best not to use it anymore . but if u want to , u could use it only really on the affected areas and not more . jst use a little and not go up to the extent of dan's amount. used to be on retinol and a topical antibioticfor 2 years at least. it did clear my face but i had break outs which are bad occassionally. so i decided to try out dan's regimen. as for me my problem area is on the t - spot( forehe
  5. hey guys.. i am on dan's regimen for a week or so and had actually improve on the t- spots, the nose ,chin and forehead. i have no pimples at all on those areas , the only problem i have now is on my cheeks, sides of my face and along my jaw line . the killer red bumps and white heads!! ](*,) initially using the bp , there was no tiny weeny red bumps along with white heads on my cheeks , but after 4 days of using it it started to come out ALOT all over both sides of my cheeks and they are it