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  1. Not the case for me. I've never really had trouble with redness, so I look great blurry. With glasses I see the big pores, blackheads, etc. No fun.
  2. I wouldn't mind dating someone with acne at all...the only thing I wouldn't like was the whole "don't touch my face" thing and the confidence issues that come along with it. I'm empathetic towards it, of course, but it's hard to deal with constantly.
  3. I don't wear them whenever I can. I wear itty bitty sports bras when I run but it's not like I need to I'm wearing a padded underwire right now, which does wonders, but I can't wait to take it off. There are advantages to being flat-chested.
  4. Ah boobs are so pesky. Isn't it the worst when you go to Victoria's Secret and they tell you they don't make bras in your size?
  5. Sara P


    nothing important
  6. It's kind of inevitable. If it doesn't pause your life, it'll slow it down. All I can say is do what makes you happy. If the idea of going out makes you miserable, don't do it. You don't have to be pressued to "go out and live your life" because you can live your life however you want...
  7. In severe moderation. Like something with small accents of leopard print, I would wear. Otherwise it's kind of tacky imo.
  8. If you use a razor "pretend like you're shaving a balloon". I think about that everytime I shave.
  9. I've never really worn eyeliner either. I have small eyes. I know it's supposed to make your eyes look bigger, but that never seems to be the case for me.
  10. It also depends on what kind of water you have...when we started using water softeners my hair started getting this shine that it never had before with our hard water.