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  1. Repurchased many times

    I struggle with face washes because I feel like my skin freaks out if I use something with one wrong ingredient. The acne.org wash caused severe irritation because of ONE frigging ingredient (White Oak Bark Extract). This is great and I have been using this for over a year, but it does leave my skin feeling dryer than I'd like. I rotate new products occasionally, but haven't found one that beats this.
  2. Love for overnight moisture

    So the actual Tarte brand is expensive, and you can get a generic oil for cheaper. I love this oil for my combo, sensitive and cystic acne prone skin. It is GREAT!!!! for an overnight moisturizer and I wake up looking refreshed and plump. I've also noticed my makeup wearing so much smoother since starting this two months ago. Love this.
  3. Settles great on skin with large pores

    The shade range is a little shanky, but the coverage is super buildable and as you add more layers it won't cake. This does seem to apply lighter and darken/oxidize a bit through the day, which is a con. Other than that, I really love the coverage and the wear for this foundation. It is so great for summer months because it gives you a flawless look without the drying feel of a matte foundation. If you're oily, definitely use a setting powder or spray. I have cystic acne prone, sensitive, combo
  4. ashesxoxo

    Broke me out

    Broke me out

    This broke me out so bad on my nose and chin. I was so sad because the coverage is frigging amazing! :( I switched from this to the Too Faced Born This Way and it's similar, but much less matte.
  5. Best coverage

    I have cystic acne prone, sensitive, combo skin. This foundation is really great at giving a light weight feel, which is amazing to me because this is such a great full coverage foundation. If you get REALLY oily (like dipped in a vat of oil oily), this probably won't work for you because it isn't a matte finish. I was nervous to try this but SO glad I did. It covers and blends so beautifully, didn't cause a single pimple. I always come on acne.org to check for opinions on makeup from other acne
  6. Great foundation!

    I have sensitive, combo skin that is cystic acne prone. I have scarring from previous acne before I got it controlled that I need to cover! This stuff is great, it doesn't cling to dry patches and doesn't get super oily in my t-zone area. The shade range is great also. Never caused a break out. I can't believe this foundation isn't already on here! I always come to acne.org to get reviews on makeup products, and wish there were more opinions from acne prone gals (and guys).
  7. Too thick, extra ingredients that cause irritation

    I bought this after I ran out of my acne.org benzoyl peroxide treatment as a last resort while my stuff shipped out. The second day of using this my skin got really dry and I had a ton of tiny under the skin bumps pop up around my cheeks. Boo :(
  8. Best OTC acne treatment for sensitive skin

    I love this product. I have ben struggling with acne since I was 16 (ten frigging years!), and this is the only product that will treat my acne without causing irritation on my super sensitive skin. This is also one of the only product I can use that won't cause flaking or dry patches.