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  1. @jwalk you are very right, feelings can be extremely hard, and at times impossible to control. Totally agree. There are times when I feel shitty, i dont feel comfortable doing certain things and I just wont do it. And its ok to do that sometimes. Its important to feel like doing something, so that you can actually enjoy it. But I suppose the message I'd like to give is that just as feelings fuel your actions, actions can fuel your feelings. Ive seen studies on it as well experimentation with
  2. @jwalk lol my man with the essay analysis, ok il try to answer: 1)Scar treatment results vary ALOT for people. And In my personal opinion, considering the high cost, i don't find it particularly worth it at the moment. So its a personal opinion that is gathered from a lot of stories i've seen online. Considering that results vary, I believe you shouldnt stake all your hopes on it. 2) Let me rephrase the "I didn't care"- it was that I didn't let it stop me from living my life and being my
  3. @FromScarredtoFree Hey look I totally get it. I used to enjoy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and hard contact sports, but because my skin gets so dry and weak and full of cysts, I'd often bleed or pop a cyst by accident. It ruined sports for me during college and I havent returned to it in years. Due to that, I feel like I lost a giant part of myself that I couldve seriously enjoyed. However I'm making the effort to not let it take anymore away from me. Also i've realized a painful truth about scarring t
  4. Hi all, Acne scar victim here. A SEVERELY scarred victim, id like to add. From both my temples to all across my cheeks and probably a new one on my forehead. I've had acne scars for a couple years now and I'm here to say that the biggest, and most often ONLY enemy is truly yourself. I've been roaming through the blogs here due to a recent flare up, and found that when it comes to posts about dealing with the psychological and emotional effects of acne scars, alot of people commenting seem
  5. Hey Kay789 thats rough to hear. I'm glad you at least are enjoying life at the moment though. How was the accutane journey? was it tough or manageable? Was the Initial breakout bad or minimal? I would very much like to be updated on how things pan out for you. Accutane can range from a few months of clear skin to perhaps years even! So even if its temporary, it might still be a while.
  6. thanks for replying man. I actually scheduled an appointment on tuesday but honestly i've been still conflicted about whether i should take it. I was hoping it would be an end-all solution to solve everything. But i guess that would be too much to hope for. You are not the only account, I've heard several other people say that diet is ultimately the real solution and accutane is temporary. I'm probably being overly dramatic, the diet isn't god awful but it is certainly annoying, however if this
  7. To start off, I'm on a diet thats controlling my acne. Mind you, it doesn't get rid of it, but most part is controlled. However, the diet is VERY flimsy and I only restrict myself to 4-5 types of meals daily as I am scared to experiment as every time I mess up and eat something I think will be ok but is not, i get a really big cyst that ends up scarring my face 8 times out of 10. I have to constantly clean my bedsheets every 2 weeks and can't play rough contact sports in fear i'll cut myself and
  8. damn. are these diets really worth it to you? Or would you consider Accutane? Cuz that's my mindset right now.
  9. my current diet is like 85% effective. I've got mostly clear skin, but every once in 2-3 weeks, I will still get a few bad cysts out of nowhere! What's worse is that, even when i dont mess with it, it still somehow scars! its seriously depressing. I mainly keep to homecooked meals as they seem the safest but sometimes when i'm out with friends i get a panic attack on what can i eat with them. It seems meat can vary from good to bad for me so I've tried the vegan diet and ordering vegan food from
  10. Hey guys I'm a 19 year old male who's had cystic acne for more than a year now. Its been a rough ride but I figured out that the no dairy diet has done HUGE for helping me control my acne. However, I've found that i still get random cysts now and again and I know its not from any dairy related products so I've researched that alot of people found going Vegan to fully resolve their acne issues. Now i've been considering it for the last few days, but it is very hard. I'm a huge meat lover and it w
  11. hey bro, ive just been looking back at my post and saw you edited out your comments and now looking at your profile, you've seemed to edit out all your posts as well. What's up man? are you ok? Do you need someone to talk to? Ive seen your posts about your struggles and I just want to let you know you are not alone. I'm still trying not to hate myself everyday and I could use a person to talk to. 

  12. Hey so I applied ACV for about a week and now the cyst turned dark?! is that bad or good? I made a recent post with pictures so that you can look.
  13. Ive had this cyst on my face for a couple months, its a shiny, smooth, flesh colored bump on my face. But recently in the last 2 months it got bigger and its really annoying. Ive been applying BP to it for months but no progress. Ive just recently bought a bottle of Bragg's ACV unfiltered, unpasteurized, raw and mixed with some water and applied it to my cyst for the past week and now its somewhat flatter and smoother and also turned dark!? Does this mean its working? Or is this a chemical burn?
  14. Hi guys, I have a cyst on my cheek that literally has been on my face for about a couple months straight with no sign of getting smaller. In fact, recently, I think it got slightly bigger. It's solid and shiny and sometimes the skin peels off easily and makes it red. It first showed up first on december when i had bad acne, and around March I found that the no dairy diet was extremely helpful and got rid of much of my acne including the shiny cyst! But because i'm an idiot, I still wanted to d
  15. its been 6 months since i've made my post and i would like to say that all is good with the world and i still have clear beautiful skin with which i can frolic under the sun in a field of dandelions. But thats a fucking lie. Dont get me wrong, im ecstatic my acne is clearing up but now i have to deal with the acne scars. Quick summary of my 6 months: acticlate antibiotics were great, finally kicked in the last month and cleared up skin and didn't have many scars so I visited family in a sunny