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  1. Seconding the prescription hydrocortisone ointment, I tried everything else for mine. Dr Organic honey lip balm was also really moisturing in between the ointment applications.
  2. 6 month update Hello! I wanted to give a quick update about my skin for all those wondering about long term what happens. Peraonally, I think my oil production has returned to the same as it was before accutane (possibly more?). Having been off it for a few months I can also confirm that I definitely experienced increased hair loss using it. Nothing drastic, but I certainly noticed it and it has stopped since the drug has been out of my system. Acne wise, I have had only one bad cyst wh
  3. Final Update Hello everyone! just a final update to tie everything up. I stopped taking the Med about 5 weeks ago and have been discharged from the derm team. I've had no issues since then which is great and my lips are finally back to normal! Heres a a pic in natural lighting to show how it is now best of luck to everyone else undergoing this treatment in the future or currently!
  4. Thank you! I actually went to my hospital appointment yesterday and the nurse (dermatology nurse) said she reckons I can stop after next time if things are ok! Great news indeed, especially with the sun coming out now and I'm beginning to get more eczema. I have noticed that this is leaving some pigmentation even if it's treated and resolved within a couple of days and I've got a very subtle patch on my forehead. In my eyes, it's not worth getting rid of acne and the scars to then have eczema
  5. Hello all! 4.5 months its been a while since I updated because truthfully, not much has changed. I I still have 2.5 months left to go and my lips will finally be normal again ha! Personally, I think this medication has been a miracle. I've never had skin this smooth and soft and I haven't thought about acne or spots since January. The downsides for me are the dry skin and the very horrendously horrible dry lips. It looks like I have a cold sore!! But it'll go. I've been complimented o
  6. Thank you! The change in my confidence is amazing too, I have finally stopped avoiding seeing friends or being seen in daylight! Thank you too! Sorry that I can't help with this- in the UK we don't need to go through insurance but someone else hopefully can help you!
  7. 9 weeks These were just taken after cleansing and moisturising and I am feelin happy! Lips are a mess though haha. I've been using Aveeno Moisturing Creamy Oil along with the cetaphil and I've found that helpful. Today I used P20 factor 50 sunscreen as I was out and it was sunny; I am sensitive to the sun anyway and since I was a teenager have had facial skin that burns really easily so I'm taking every precaution with the sun on this Med. i wasn't a huge fan of the stuff, it made me look
  8. 2 months hello! Happy new year to all. I've just been looking back through this blog and what a difference in my face there is! Firstly the negatives: back is bad. I have always had a spot of back pain - possibly sciatica that goes a little down my right leg. It's worse now and sometimes when I am sitting for a while getting up is quite painful, as is bending. I haven't really tried glucosamine because the tablets are really big and I hate swallowing tablets... Hah
  9. Hello! Not sure what day I'm on but it's something like 6 weeks my skin is looking better and worse. The right side of my face is totally clear apart from some PIH. I also seem to have developed two patches of eczema here which I haven't had for about ten years. One on the cheekbone and one above my upper lip - I'm seeing the derm tomorrow so will ask what they recommend. My arms also have my old eczema patches coming up again after so long! I guess that means it's working an
  10. Day 31 Hello! pictures this time as you can see below. I literally just took these after having a shower and moisturising lots so this is the worst my skin could look I think haha . My chin is great atm still not perfect but pretty good compared to pre-roaccutane. Cheeks are also improving in my opinion, and with make up on it doesn't look too bad if I'm honest. Still a lot of PIH and my lips are super dry but it's all bearable. On Friday I started taki
  11. Day 25 Helloo! So since my last update I got an appointment to see a dermatologist in the county I live in now. I started the prescription with someone from my home town but I now live three hours away from there so I think I'll end up transferring over. My he new dermatologist agreed that Accutane was the correct treatment but was quite surprised at the dose I was started at (20mg) and said this wasn't really appropriate. She wanted me to go up to 60mg from now on.
  12. Day 18 Not going to do a picture update this week. My right cheek is smooth! Feels really soft and normal ha. There is PIH but it's at least not cystic or comedonal. Left cheek is getting there. Mid October I had about 100 comedones just on that cheek but it's reduced so much. There's still lots there, and more to come to the surface but it's progress for sure. Chin by far is the worst area and that cyst I had when I started still has s little lump in
  13. Interesting read! How do you have the coconut oil? My my derm said just to eat it with breakfast - I have it with dinner though as that's my heaviest meal of the day.
  14. Day 10 Hello! Some pictures today, with make up on, in natural light: In the photos, skin doesn't look great. BUT things to bear in mind: * It feels smoother - especially on the right side of my face, cheek area * all of these are pre-existing lesions and I admit that they look more prominent but also certainly less in number * they don't seem to be inflamed, a huge bonus ALL of these little bumps have been the ones that came from my initial stridex incident almost 3 months ago now. The