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  1. From the album: before accutane

    basicallyy - left side of my face. My forehead really broke out and I usually dont have acne up there.

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  2. From the album: before accutane

    mostly scarring. i wanttt them to go awaaay!

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  3. From the album: before accutane

    i think its improved a bit from comparing with my other pictures. my cheeks are mostly scarring and the worst places on my face are my chin and forehead.

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  4. I have been put on differin twice now and all it did was make my skin break out horribly! I got deeper and more painful pimples than i had before i started. but thats just me :] lol
  5. ok so im going to chicago to see all of my reallyy good friends that i havent seen in month because i moved to florida and im starting accutane on the 18th - going to chicago the 22nd - and im going to be there until the 26th - so thats 8 days into my accutane treatment. Is it likey to have the IB during the first 8 days? Just curious because I dont want all my friends who im not gonna see for a while remember mee with a lot more pimples than i already have. THANKS!
  6. From the album: before accutane

    sorry i look really bad in this picture i just threw it in so i could rant well i was supposed to be starting accutane either yesterday or today. and my mom had talked to her while i was in school and now i cant start it for another week or two. im SO mad. my idiot dermatologist keeps delaying itt. wtf. and idk she was saying something about ipledge nd how they said i have to wait 31 days after they recieve some consent papers [ they got it on october 14th ] but yeah im having a really bad day

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  7. lol i should be starting tomorrow or the next day. except my dermatologist hasnt put in the system that i had my visit or something [ which i had 2 days ago and i had my blood taken yesterday ] and i cant do those questions which will let me get the accutanee. grrrr. lol
  8. aw your skin loooks reallyy good & yeah it does look really smooth. i hope accutane will work as good for me as it did for you
  9. thanks everyone!! :] it would probably be a lot easier if i still lived in chicagoo.. i lived there my whole life nd had the best of friends but now i moved to florida.. so im starting off in a whole new state and a new highschool. i barely know anybody but it should get better as the year goes on :] but thanks everybody for the support i reallyyy appreciate it!
  10. thanks i reallyy hope accutane will help!
  11. I started taking birth control about 2 months ago and had an initial break out. After about a week or two it cleared up, but then when i started taking the brown pills it just made me break out again.
  12. haha i know im horrible at that but i try not too um i start accutane in a few days and i have no idea what dosage yet
  13. thanks i really hope the accutane will clear it up! its so embarassingg to live with and none of my friends have acne so i can't talk to them about it because they dont know what im going through.
  14. i haven't started accutane yet im supposed to be starting in a few days actually.. but right now im using cetaphil cleanser every morning & night, with clinac BP07 in the morning for oil control with elidel for dryness and at night im using this product called bye bye blemish .. but its not really helping.
  15. well ive never tried acnefree but when i used proactive [ for about a year or so ] it helped in the beginning, but made my face a lot worse towards the middle & end.
  16. From the album: before accutane

    that pimple right under my eye is so painful.. it used to be a lot bigger though before i started picking at it. but now its darkerr. well theres a few big pimples mixed in with a lot of little ones and a lot of scars..

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  17. From the album: before accutane

    this is horrible! i have no self confidence and extremely low self esteem. i just started high school and these should be the best years of my life.. instead im sitting at home instead of going out with my friends because im too embarassed by my acne. =[

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  18. From the album: before accutane

    well.. here's the right side. its better than the left side but not by much!! woww their everywhere! a lot of them are scars though..

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  19. From the album: before accutane

    well here's my no make-up picture. this is digusting. the worst my acne has ever been, i have soo many red scars! the one above my lip i just got today, and those 2 huge, nasty ones i've had for a while.. they just exploded again and my chin has been getting a lot worse lately. and dont even get me started on those 3 black pimples.. my forehead is a mixture of scars & acne. wow, i can't believe my acne has gotten this bad i've had it for 3 or 4 years now [ im only 14!! ]

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  20. From the album: before accutane

    chin acne..

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  21. From the album: before accutane

    acne is flaring up once again.. those 2 huge pimples on the left side of my face have gotten bigger and blacker.. more noticeable and painful then ever =[ and my chin broke out again.

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  22. From the album: before accutane

    the left side of my face is the worst so far. its reallyyyy painful =[

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  23. From the album: before accutane

    the pimple under my eye got so huge nd i had to pop it because it was so painful. now its a nasty dark scar. i know i shouldnt pick at my face but im always getting new pimples & whiteheads ;; its a badd habit.

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  24. From the album: before accutane

    this is a picture with make up on sorry but this is a more recent picture.. maybe taken last week? but my acne is starting to flare up on my cheeks. i'll get a picture without make up on soon which look a lot worse.

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