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  1. same thing happened to me.

    and im moving this thursday

    so idk what im going to do.

    i havent been on them for over a week.

    and i feel like im gonna break out again.

    ive been freaking out and idk what im gonnaa do.

    i might have to start all over again,

    and that would suck >.<

    i hate ipledge.

  2. so i've been on accutane for 3 months now and when i got my blood work done like normal. something came up and said i was pregnant? i dont know how thats possible because a] ive never had sex. and b] i had my period. so that was maybe a week ago, and i haven't had any pills to take. So, my idiot dermatologist tells me to get a pregnancy test to make sure that im not and of course it comes out negative. that was yesterday. now today, i went to get my blood work done again along with another pregnancy test. Sooo, after i get my blood taken and all that.. the lady at the lab tells us that it will be ready tomorrow morning. Well that's not going to work because TODAY is my last day to get the pills. So, im pretty much not going to have my pills until next month [ that's if i decide to keep on going with the pills ] because every month i have problems and im getting REALLY sick of all this bullshit. Now my face is probably going to get worse and i'll just end up where i started. I'm in the worst possible mood and i dont know what im going to do. I was finally starting to clear up and then this happens.

  3. this morningg my leftt nostril started to bleed reallly heavy and i didnt think anything of it but then a few minutes later it was still really heavy and my right nostril started to bleed. has this happened to anyone before?

    i read about nosebleeds being a sympton of accutane but on both sides?

    oh and this is my 8th day on accutane if anyone was wondering :D

  4. yeah i was supposed to be starting accutane yesterday and after we dropped off the prescription and the ipledge card walgreens called and said that my account was unauthorized??? and idk how its not working because i took the test online, got my blood taken, and seen my dermatologist when i was supposed to. so now i have to wait until monday to talk to my dermatologist and see when i can start taking it. ipledge is so stupid!

  5. ok well yesterday i tried taking my test so i could fill my prescription today and start taking them but somehow my account was locked. so i called some number and this voice recording thing wasn't telling me anything and kept hanging up on me but i finally got someone on the line nd he unlocked it and gave me a new password so i thought everything was fine and i would be starting on time. but then walgreens just called nd said that my account was unauthorized or some stupid shit! and now i cant start them and im so pissedd off. they keep screwing me over! and i did everything i was supposed to.. went to the dermatologist 2 days ago.. got my blood taken again for the 4th time in like a month or 2 and yeah. im really mad. wtf ipledge is the stupidest thing ever!

    sorry im ranting but im in a horrible mood.

    oh and after you take that test what it is supposed to say? cause all mine said was please contact your prescriber.. nd idk? yeah.

  6. ok so im going to chicago to see all of my reallyy good friends that i havent seen in month because i moved to florida and im starting accutane on the 18th - going to chicago the 22nd - and im going to be there until the 26th - so thats 8 days into my accutane treatment. Is it likey to have the IB during the first 8 days? Just curious because I dont want all my friends who im not gonna see for a while remember mee with a lot more pimples than i already have.