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  1. It's been awhile since I've posted -probably a sign that I'm happier .. I feel like the birth control qlaira has significantly improved my skin after what is now about five weeks. I am still getting breakouts as a often but the type of spot has changed from big open pus filled sores to blackheads and red little lumps. It not ideal by any stretch of the imagination but I'm okay an comfortable in my skin now and I know it's improving. The only thing about this pill is that I'm experiencing terri
  2. So today I'm having a better day !! hallelujah! !! I decided that the differin -even though it's like ,% may be too strong for me.. I'm very fair skinned & burn easily as is so I decided to cut back on it to every second day I woke up with 4 spots today like the white head on the surface ones and they were small so who cares? ? I think I won't skip it again though .. I'm going to mi it with a moisturiser every second night I also went to clinique I was looking at the anti blemish rang
  3. aw thank you so much ! Today was a better day so I'm feeling good & am even going out tonight - sometimes I feel so determined and others like a mess... It's ok to be a mess but I just hate worrying my friends & family .. After days of crying when you feel happy you almost feel like a fraud going around smiling ! It will get better .. It will get better These days will pass whether I have clear skin or not so I may as well make the most of them .. Some ddays my most might be shrinking
  4. You could even try wearing a bit less ? I know going cold turkey can be hard & could be counter productive if your confidence becomes affected !! Why not try non comodonogenic (is that how you spell it?) Make up ensure to cleanse thoroughly after school & change make up brushes regularly
  5. Thanks ! Really lacking the positivity ! I feel like the differin is helping the breakouts a bit but I'm so red & sore from it I'm not sure I'd it will even be worth it !! Hormones are the worst !
  6. So today Is a pretty bad day again I promised myself I would get up & go out today but it's 1p:m I'm sitting on the stairs- crying. This will be my third day hiding from the world at home I think I would be ok but my face is just stinging so badly My acne is so red aand over night seems to have gone from moderate to severe I'm losing hope for the differin I'm meant to be seeing my boyfriend tonight and going to zumba with my friends. I don't see it happening Right now im scared to go out o
  7. I'm just so fed up today I got acne this time last year for the first time a very hormonal bout of it IIt finally got cured after a long battle of qlaira - a birth control like yaz- it took about three months In thathat time a gp sent me to counselling as he thought I had depression I now realise that it was a symptom of my pcos .. Well anyway fast forward to the beginning of March I stopped getting bad breakouts .. fast track again to April I was beginning to get comfortable in MMy own skin
  8. hey thank you so much for this post ! I'm on a pill qlaira ffor hormonal acne from pcos .. where would qlaira or natazia come on this list ? It's new & I feel like I the only one in the world on it It cleared my acne before in about 2 months I had to come off it in July & by September I was back in full swing with my acne I'm bacback on qlaiqlaira nnow & am in week 2 1/2 I'm hoping it will clear me again but I'm so scared it won't !
  9. I m also taking milk thistle & magnesium & a strong prebiotic :/
  10. Birth control IIt dependepends too oon if you have anany other hormonhormonal imbalance symptoms besides acne
  11. Thanks for the reply I'm using differin so I think that is why the redness is so bad !!
  12. So I have hormonal acne I thinkit's cystic im not sure if I should get a cortisone injection ? Or what type of spot you can put them in Could you inject the general area where breakouts are happening ? Have a look at my pictures please & let me knoknow if I could benefit ?
  13. Just curious and bored If you guys could go back in time & give yourself advice at the start of your acne journey wgat would it be ? after : get your hormones checked & go on the pill Mine would be "dont cancel plans because of a pimple! !"
  14. I know sometimes acne makes me look back at my life and think that I've had it so easy until this point you're going to get through this & probably come out with a lot of confidence! You care about your skin way more than anyone else - because you have so much more to offer than a clear complexion. It's okay to be down ! But you'll be ook acne doesn't make you a freak! There are billions of us