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  1. alright, one gram 10x a day is very do-able. I do notice that after i take the 2.5 grams, i pee out a lot of it, so maybe taking 1 gram will help a lot. I love just having to take pills! Like, if someone told me that to stay clear, id have to wash my face 10x a day, id tell them to shove it. But taking these pills are so easy... just in between classes i can get a sip from the water fountain, pop 2 pills in my mouth right quick, and no worries! Plus, this girl i was talking to saw me take the p
  2. I dont care what people say, im not a very bad "picker", but if i have a whitehead, ill pop/pick the hell outta that son of a B. Im not walking around with that gross thing on my face, and i never really see that big of a problem from popping.
  3. Ive only been taking it for 1 week, at 10g a day, 2.5 grams at 4 different points in the day. My face feels a little less oily, but i wouldnt guarantee it. I stopped using BP and i usually break out 4 days after i stop reaaaalllllllyyyyy bad. But now its been 6 days since ive stopped, and i honestly havent had a bad breakout. Im hoping it's already taking effect, but i cant be sure, and im just curious.
  4. THATS WHAT MY ACNE LOOKS LIKE TOO!!! Except i get some whiteheads and stuff, but then i get those spots that dont have white/red heads/ but its like a yellowish pus type thing that hardens real easily and then comes right off, and replaces itself. Its really weird. Please tell me what your derm says. PLEASE. Im very anxious to know. I think it has something to do with oiliness possibly, because i get these spots where im super oily only,, and the other spots are regular pimples.
  5. I am seeing no side effects from b5. I think my oiliness might have gone down a bit, but other than that i cant even tell that im taking b5. I dont know if this is good or not because imworried that the reason im not seeing side-effects is because the B5 is not being absobed properly?is this possible?
  6. I live in Phoenix, just an hour or so drive from tucson. I dont have a problem with the dryness... just seems normal to me. Id say just use extra moisturizer?
  7. I still have some acne, but even when i look for them, i can never find any redmarks where old spots were. It seems like once the lesion is gone, its gone. My acne doesnt get very inflamed, and they are usually just quite a few small pimples, and once theyre gone there no traces of them. It kinda worries me because everyone says that you WILL get a red mark, and if my red marks dont show then that means that my real skin isnt realy showing? Im not using any topicals, and my skin feels fine, but
  8. i have cut out the majority of sugars. Where i used to be eating over 150g of sugar a day, i now limit myself to under 40g. Im watching my diet, and ive noticed some improvements in my candida because i always had this like rash/scaly spot on my upper leg that would never goo away, and i kinda just didnt worry about it. After i started a better diet, i found that this disappeared almost immidiately. I know that i must supplement with a candida killer/ probiotic, so does anyone have reccomendad
  9. I have candida, and i think getting rid of it would A. Help my acne B. Get rid of the scaly patches of skin i have C. Make me a generally healthier person Ive already started watching my diet, but now i need a treatment. I really wanted to try threelac because i heard it was the best out there, but its just unreasonably expensive. 15 days of treatment for 50$? Come on now... Does anyone know any other good anti-candida treatments? Ones that hae probiotics in them too of course.
  10. I honestly cannot believe that im saying this, but i believe that my acne is dwindling away into the distance. Its been 8 days now, since i dropped BP and started supplementing, and usually 2-3 days after i quit BP i breakout way bad. Well 8 days, and not only have a i not broke out, but i can safely say that i am CLEARING with NO TOPICALS. It feels so good i cant even express it. Now, i know all you guys would say im just making an advertisement ifi posted the link to the ebook that got me cle
  11. Everyone is telling me "dont eat sugar, no dairy, no grains, low starches low carbs low fat, no pasta, no potatoes, blah blah blah blah blah" What am i supposed to eat? My mom cooks dinner for me almost every night, i cant tell her to not make pasta, not use oils, or to replace everything with some stupid substitute. For breakfast, everday i used to eat a nice big bowl of oatmeal, and i thought that was very healthy. Id make it with milk, add brown sugar and raisins, and it was delicious. Now
  12. lol, thats the weirdest thing ive ever heard of. Maybe youve been eating too much syrup . At least maple smells better than B.O. On a more serious note: Id think this is a good thing because things are released from your body through your sweat glands, which are highly concentrated in your armpits, and your body is probably getting those toxins out. Best of luck to ya!
  13. Yea ill definately keep ya updated starr, does GLA supplementing clear you up? Im just getting started on it, i cant wait to see some results.
  14. Check this out: http://www.swansonvitamins.com/webapp/wcs/...068&R=19165 It looks pretty legit... 1000 grams of GLA, lots of omega acids, lots of nutrients, and its a dry powder so it can be absorbed easily. Im probably going to buy it and start taking a scoop of this stuff a day instead of EPO.