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  1. I tried two weeks of no nightshades and then two weeks of no eggs. Neither have had any effect, unfortunately. I guess I will try onions and garlic next. I also started taking borage oil, but that hasn't helped. This is incredibly frustrating as I seem to be doing all the "right things" and nothing improves. Any other suggestions?
  2. I haven't tried Magnesium - I will see if I can find them where I'm living. How much do you take? I am a week into the nightshade elimination and yesterday I got 6 new pimples. Is it worth sticking it out another week?
  3. Thanks for the advice! I actually did the 3 month diet after reading your website - such a great resource! Since I'm already a couple days into eliminating nightshades, I'm going to stick with that for 2 weeks and then I'll try eggs. And if that doesn't help, I'll try eliminating onions.
  4. I eat a lot of jalapeños that grow in my garden. as well as lots of cayenne pepper and some bell peppers and i don't seem to have any problems. But it's the onions and garlic that break me out. Especially onion and garlic powders Interesting! I think I might eliminate nightshades for a while and see what happens. How long do you think before I would notice a difference?
  5. I'm also wondering about nightshade allergies...is that common? I'm thinking that since I've had acne for so long maybe I'm allergic to a food I eat all the time...I eat onions and tomatoes nearly every day and peppers often. Has anyone had experience with nightshades causing acne?
  6. There is not significant amounts of iodine in eggs & onions to worry about. You could however try avoiding them a bit to test for allergy. Is your acne different since you began avoiding sugar/gluten/dairy? Do you eat citrus? My jawline acne was due to a citrus intolerance. And dairy doesn't noticeably cause acne for me. But there's too many ways that it impacts the events involved in acne formation for me to make it a big part of my diet. Especially unfermented dairy. No, my acne is
  7. I have had acne for 14 years now and have tried nearly everything under the sun. I've tried countless over-the-counter products, prescriptions, both oral and topical, from dermatologists and have done 2 rounds of Accutane. My skin was great for about 6 months after finishing the Accutane, but then my acne returned. My acne is along my jaw/chin area, I don't get it anywhere else. Typically this type of acne is hormonal, however mine was never helped by being on a birth control pill. I began