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  1. Oh, before I forget, I wanted to mention one thing. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!!! I drink about 2 litres of water, spread throughout the day. This will help flush out your body, but also hydrate your skin, which will reduce the amount of dryness (which is the ultimate pain of accutane!)
  2. I guess my weekly update was an epic FAIL... but here's to trying to get back to it! Day 63 Update Acne - Basically at this point, I have pretty clear skin. I have one or two actives right now, which is a huge reduction from when I started two months ago. Also, the other areas of my body (neck, chest, back) have all seen the same reduction in acne. I find it kind of amazing, since some people say they don't even see any results until two or three months, and in those two or three months thin
  3. For anyone that is intersted, my dermatologist confirmed it was milia. She said that it tends to get pushed to the surface while on accutane. She also said she usually sees it on the face, but in my case it's on my chest and neck.
  4. I guess no one knows what these are! I'm seeing my derm on Wednesday, I'll update if we figure out what it is.
  5. Hello, I've been on Claravis for about 7 weeks now, and in the past week I've noticed small white bumps appearing under my eye and also on my eyelid. I did some searching and the closest thing I could find is milia, but it doesn't really look like it. I'm talking the bumps are really really tiny, and only noticeable if I get up close in the mirror. However, they don't seem to be going away, and I seem to see a new bump or two every few days. Does anyone else have this side affect with accut
  6. Day 15 Update Acne - From last week, things have gotten better. The big one on my nose has almost completely gone away, and there are only a few actives on my forehead. On the right side of my chin I have a few active ones, but the left side is not active right now and actually looks pretty good. The neck looks OK, there is a pretty big one on the right side of the neck and a smaller one on the left side. Nothing drastically different than what I am normally used to, so it's not bothering me
  7. Your progress is fantastic! Hope you're getting back that confidence! -Matt
  8. Day 8 Update Acne - it has gotten slightly worse, but nothing outside the range of what it normally varied when I was not on Claravis. I have a few active ones on my forehead, and a few on my chin, but the major one is right on the bridge of my nose! This has got to be the worse spot... because it's sticking out like a sore thumb on the middle of my face. When it first started forming, I got pretty bummed about it, but then I realized it's going to be there, and I already have acne so I alrea
  9. Good luck! I just started 80mg/day a few days ago... I hope I can see some results in a few months! -Matt
  10. @lendmeurears - Thanks for your comment. I decided that I'm willing to take 6 months of my life of taking these pills everyday, if at the end of the 6 months I can be free and clear of acne. I've been too lazy to do much about it besides try new cleansers, and I would never really check on the status of my acne; I'd just look in the mirror and either take note if I looked worse or better than usual. Oh I should also clarify that I'm not actually from Korea, but a Korean living in the US... I'
  11. Hi everyone, my name is Matt, I'm 27, and I just started accutane (Claravis). 40mg, twice a day. I'm Korean, so I love using the Seoul puns. I don't really follow the forums here, but I have been reading some of the accutane blogs to see different peoples experience with it. I decided to document my own journey here because there is so much support here and I hope that when accutane works for me, my story will be able to help someone else. I decided to take accutane for a few reasons. First