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  1. hope this helps... Nlite has cleared me , along with isotrexin cream. my scars are better too but i am going to get tca this year. i think people need to try nlite for themselves instead of being told by people it doesnt work. it is really after my third treatment, when the level was 3.5 that my skin improved dramatically. i also have to add that different nlite machines are probably of different standards, ie, old or new. and this will effect peoples outcome. i am happy with my treatments, and
  2. i have had my third nlite 6 weeks ago and have been clear since. the level was raised to 3.5 which is why i think i saw much improvement. i am also using isotrexin cream. sorry for the contradiction to what many say but nlite has cleared my acne, it has been the only treatment that has. i went out without makeup on today and i knew i could get away with it. i felt so un-self-conscious.
  3. rossigol... i will be getting tca with dr chu too! when i saw him last i asked him about downtime for tca and he said it wouldn't be too bad at all, just little red dots, which upon reflection i have lived a normal life with much worse acne in the past it seems it will be relatively easy. is easter when dr chu says that tca will start coiming into practise or is that when your appt is? x
  4. yeah, i saw dr chu last month and he says tca will be at hammersmith hospital soon, i doubt before feb though, as thats when i go for my next n-lite (which is working great alongside isotrex) and when i will be asking about tca too. i dont feel confident to do it on myself! good luck and let us know how you get on .x
  5. Hi, nice thread, and I need some info too!! I remember a girl called fishfinger who was on here a few months ago and she got good results from subcision, but it did take 4 sessions at 4 months apart. i am hopefully going to be going ahead with this procedure with dr chu in the new year. i have rolling scars and they are not really reallt bad, but are bad enough for me and seem to be the only thing i see. they are mainly in my cheek area with a few on my forhead. i feel i should go with the subc
  6. hi, guys, back for another update!! my skin is pretty much near clear - i have two tiny ones (down to the monthly thing i am sure), i can honestly say that i haven't had a zit that needed to be squeezed for about a month!!! wow - usually i would have 4 or 5 a day!! it is nice getting up in the morning and not worrying about what may have erupted in the nite!! so, i am still saying i need another month to give a proper opinion, but for now and for a while recently it has been looking good!! isotr
  7. still improving........... my skin is getting better by the day and all i seem to have is red marks left over. i feel so much more confident. i hope it is gunne atick. its actually wuite handy having this thread as i can chart where i came from! that is good that dr chu said that we can be on it indefinitely. he is my derm too. now i am due for another n-lite soon, but i think i am going to hold off and see whether the isotrex will do the job on its own. what do you guys think? i mean , i will b
  8. isotrex......... i am currently using this cream and getting on very well with it. i dont want to jinx things tho. i have been using it for about 2 months, just at night. i did have an initial breakout but as one side of my face cleared up pretty much straight away i continued. and i am glad i did. if you scroll further in this board, there is a thread on isotrex, (aug 9th) where a few of us are discussing it! good luck my skin hasn't been this good in ages..... i wanna use this cream forever.
  9. wow!! that is great jonesy... I am so happy for you!!! i really think this isotrexin is a good thing. my skin has been clearing too. i have one largish spot on my jawline, which has seemed to stick around for ages but it really isnt that red or inflamed so i am just leaving it. i have a few other tiny pimples. but thats it. the left side of my face is near perfect, and i finally feel confident enough to be able to get away with wearing my hair tied back. i am keeping my skin care very simple...
  10. this is a really interesting thread... and as a fellow one of you I see it in the same way!! I am currently a patient of dr chu at hammersmith hospital and am undergoing n-lit and treatment with isotrexin gel to help clear up my mild-ish acne. then, hopefully come october i will be set for subcision for the scarring. my scars are rolling, mainly on my cheeks. some days i notice them more than others. the problem i have is when i look at my cheeks, through two mirrors, you know so i can actually
  11. i agree. so, i have only been on isotrexin for about a month, but i am touching wood that the improvement improves. i now only have one on my jawline. i haven't had any bumps coming up for the last week. this has never ever been the case with me. i always had a few!! i'm trying not to think about it, but like the last couple of days, my skin has been so much smoother, make-up is lighter, i put my hands over both cheeks and no bumps!!!!!! lets hope it stays... i will let you know. all i really ha
  12. i was given isotrexin about 3 weeks ago. i am trying to clear up my moderate acne and then i can work on my scars. i have found that isotrexin has really helped my skin. in only 3 weeks i am completely clear on one side of my face and my forehead. on one cheek i have 2 spots. it has definitely improved my skin. perhaps the reason why the people reacted so badly to it is because they used too much. my derm said all i need is a PEA sized amount for my ENTIRE FACE. that is all i have been using but
  13. anyone know where u can get tca done in the uk??
  14. i think this forum is a good idea for people to share things about food etc. i have changed my diet since january and have seen such an improvement i think it has got to be diet related. i found lots of things i agreed with in cameron's post. the main thing i have cut out is dairy... and have totally gotten used to soya now. they say soya helps balance hormones during the menopause- theres no reason why is doesn't normally on people just generally. also, i have become a fan of green tea - suppos