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  1. Manu, I'm sorry to hear that. are you doing any other combination therapy? I.e. strong topical treatments, vitamin supplements, etc? Today I was checking out my skin in natural sunlight without makeup on, and I feel that it looks quite improved from last week. I'm not sure how to gauge "percentage," but what may have helped is that I applied a strong-ish GA solution after the needling, and there was quite a bit of peeling for the last three days. I had a long facial today, and I'll be out
  2. thelegend your progress is amazing, this is very encouraging. thanks for sharing! how do you feel your skin has improved overall in different lighting? i.e. flourescent v. natural? Just curious...I kind of have a phobia of bad lighting makes me very self conscious....
  3. Hi all, so I've done two needling treatments so far, using ultra thin lancets from walgreens, and I tried two different methods. The first time (I was a bit scared) so I was very conservative with the needling, just doing the ice picks all over my cheeks, and made sure to press until I heard/felt that "pop." The second time, I began by needling the ice picks, and tried the method of going at different depths at each individual hole. I.e., I didn't just go straight up and down, but angled the
  4. your skin doesn't look bad at all. you would benefit from a topical retinoid (tazorac gel is good, it has vit C), weekly GA peels (light ones, you can build up over time--but don't use WITH tazorac) and a lightening cream (Palmer's is cheap and you can get it at most drug stores). Good luck with your progress
  5. Listen up everyone! I am writing this because Proactive seriously f***d up my skin. (I never had cystic acne until I started Pro-active. Firreal). As for lightening lotion, all you need is a cream with 2% hydroquinone. That's the active ingredient, and any other ingredients are bonus (provided they're good ones). I use Palmer's eventone skin milk. It has aloe vera, and all kinds of good antioxidants. The best part? It costs $5--and it works! I'm always all about finding cheap knockof
  6. beta hydroxy acid is GREAT for blackheads. i use the liquid lotion by Paula's choice (you can only get it online) in 2%. it also gives your face a glowy, clearer look.
  7. i would say that the overall appearance of my cheeks improved. my pores appear smaller and the texture has become finer by a noticeable amount. even my friend commented on it yesterday and asked me, "what did you do?" she couldn't believe how my skin looked (considering that the last time she saw me it was an absolute mess). I do have some faint ice picks and a couple of enlarged pores that are still there. i think i missed some spots with the peel (it was semi-spot treatment). would i
  8. Congratulations on your results! I'm really happy for you. The Vitamin C should definitely help you. Have you heard of Probiotics? I've been taking them for several weeks and wonder if they have helped my skin to improve. In any event. wear sunscreen when you go out to protect from skin. thank yas! Funny you ask--I just took a big swig of blueberry yogurt smoothie probiotic stuff (by Kefir--sooo yummy). I have no idea it was good for skin. Do you take pill form or liquid? (do
  9. hey lamaar i wanted to say your method inspired me to improvise my own method. instead of dermarolling though i did an intnse 70% GA peel and im using rejuva wand (627/850 nm) along with various serums and creams to help stimulate growth. it's working amazingly well! thanks for posting all your progress.
  10. ok. it's been exactly a week since the peel and all i can say is WOW. The 2 major icepicks on my right cheek are 90% gone. On my left, the big old ice pick is still noticeable without makeup. However, the depth of it has improved about 80% so with makeup it isn't even noticeable!! Both areas are still peeling/scabby each day. I apply vit C serum with H.A. or tazorac directly onto the spots and use the rejuva wand to help stimulate collagen growth. For those wondering: RejuvaWand delive
  11. it looks like the top layer of your skin may be contributing to the appearance of the pores and could use some exfoliation. you should start with a deep chemical peel of some sort (i've had good results with 70% GA). have you ever done/had a peel?
  12. thank you mr. matt my scars are lookin better today. surrounding skin is tighter (i have always had orange peel cheeks, and i was shocked to look in the car mirror (outside!) to see that they were considerably smaller.) still waiting on the two red spots to heal up to see the final verdict.
  13. Thanks for the reply! I decided to go ahead and try th aha, and I love it! It softened up the dry rough skin the bp had created.=) Thank goodness! I'm not going to use th bp all over my face, just for spot treatments. I believe I remember Dan stating somewhere that he now only uses it on the lower half of his face. Have you tried the aha? Teresa o yeah-its great! i try not to use it so much in the summer tho, as i dont fully trust sunscreen