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  1. Hi, I tried eliminating milk just to see if anything would happen, the acne went from moderate to mild. So I waited 2 weeks then added pizza with cheese. everything came back. Waited till everything cleared up then tried the test again, same response. Dairy is definately out in this house but by reading the other posts, eveyone is different. MomWhoSews
  2. I went on the Enlux website; what exactly did you buy? :think:
  3. Ya I find this weird but the greedy part of me wonders this....if a number of people in one family had need for these, would it become financial advantageous to share the cost and purchase one? Unfortunately ..... an anxious wellmeaning parent/aunt/uncle/patient would undoubtely push it beyond its acceptable use with disastourous results. IMHO this is definately not an item for home use. MwS
  4. Hi all, We seem to have a number of people using light therapy. If you were not happy with the result, stopped, or sent it back, can you give a brief description of pros/cons so newbies can have a quick reference? Stats: Using for over 6 months: Type of acne: cystic age: 12 Cons: does not completly clear acne but does bring it to a managable level. Must be used every day or spots come back within 4-5 days. Had to buy new goggles because ones that came with it broke. Not transportable on
  5. Has anyone thought of letting BS know that their timer is off?
  6. Please explain what you meant by you skin being damaged. MWS
  7. The pictures of the lamp look great but reading through the info is......... When you all come to a consensus can you post it so us lowly-minded folk don't have to read through the math and techno-stuff to be able to get the info to make our own? Thanks, MWS
  8. The blue light does similar things to the tetracycline. The red light however might help to minimise and heal scarring. Just out of curiosity, do you form keloid scars on other parts of your body? MWS
  9. Hi all, We are now using 'Sunnies eyesheilds' (red) which are more durable/smaller/able-to-be alcohol-wiped then the aluminum foil covered/foam-rimmed swim googgles. 'Sunnies eyesheilds' have a hard nose bridge which makes them easier to put on face then the eyesheilds that came with the light as the two eye-covers do not move independently. The goggles come in a variety of fun colours and can be found on the manufacturers website www.lucasporducts.com. Ours were purchased at a local tann
  10. Hi Wolfy, Can't answer your survey because the Lumiport is only used for hard to reach areas in our house ie: behind ears, inside ear folds, side of neck, spots within hairline, back of the neck. I like the fact that it is portable so these areas can be addressed while doing something else or be brought along in a suitcase. MomWhoSews.
  11. I was thinking of getting a second lamp (Beautyskin in my case) and arrange them in a V shape. This would mean I don't have to turn my face to treat each side alternately as I'm doing now, and could presumably also halve the treatment time. I'd also still be getting the red light for the theraputic benefit. Does this make sense?