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    [attachmentid=6485][attachmentid=6486] heres pics of me right out of the shower... im going to the dermatologist nov 4th to see what she can do about some scarring and these redmarks... im thinking 2 sessions of dermabrasion would do but who knows! my skin use to be really really bad. but now at 22 y/o its starting to calm down and the lemon juice is helping
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    you have to wash your face clean once you've used baking soda. rinse with water then apply lemon juice. start off with a very little bit and increase little by little. everyone skin's different and mostly everyone on here has sensitive skin. so once your skin becomes tolerant of it, it wont irritate as much. in my opinion, lemon juice is better to put on ur skin then chemicals, oils, and other things that can cause breakouts. i dont have before and after pics but i can post a pic of what my s
  3. ok, ive had red marks for about 6 years now and theyve been fading DRAMATICALLY!!! forget all these products, perscriptions, and oils. you dont have to look any farther than your kitchen!! all you need is : BAKING SODA & LEMON JUICE!! these are natural incredients that are basically chemical free. -Wash your face morning and night with a tablespoon's worth of baking soda... rub in for a little bit and wash off. repeat this again with another tablespoon of baking soda and add about a