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  1. This was first thing in the morning I wasn't wearing any make-up ..... You have no makeup on in the first two pictures, but when I enlarge the pics, I can clearly see foundation on your face in the "after" pictures. You either have foundation, powder, or some other substance all over your skin in the "after" pictures. Is the fenugreek stuff all over your face in the second pics?
  2. Here is the link: http://www.answers.com/topic/fenugreek
  3. Never heard of anitbiotics as acne treatment? Antibiotics/antimicrobials are the same thing. Acne medicines such as Erythromycin, doxyciline, clindomycin, tetracycline, benzaclin, minocin are all antibiotics/antimicrobials. Basically anything with the ending- cin or clin you know are antibiotics. Like penacilin. All these ingredients are used in like 90% of acne medicines.
  4. I've never heard of using antibiotics for acne.....does it work?
  5. How do I cover my jawline acne without looking like Im wearing a mask?