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  1. Neutrogena hydroboost spf 50 and Supergoop play spf 50 are good sunscreens for black skin. They leave no white cast and the neutrogena one has hyaluronic acid which makes it hydrating.
  2. Firstly, ditch the African black soap because that will overdry your skin; go for a gentle face cleanser with no fragrance and no sodium laureth sulfate. Secondly, you need an acne treatment, have you tried salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide? These can be found OTC and do not necessarily require a dermatologist.
  3. The toner goes before the vitamin c serum. Always toners before serums or you'd wipe the serum off if you use a toner after.
  4. I've used shea butter on my oily acne-prone skin with no problems. You should be fine. Shea butter is not comedogenic.
  5. I have & am still using clindamycin/benzoyl peroxide prescription treatment and what I can tell you is that this also makes the skin purge, whether you use tretinoin or not, your skin will most likely purge. I think the purging will be worse with tretinoin because it is a retinoid, but I think tretinoin works better than the clindamycin/BP. Whatever your decision is, just stick through the treatment and purging and you will have clear skin soon enough. And please do not use both treatments a
  6. Yes, it's fine to use jojoba oil from another brand, as long as it is 100%.
  7. Yes it will go away, this happens because of the dead skin. The regimen does not include exfoliation until a month in so it may be like that till week 4. AHA will definitely help later. Also you should use sunscreen, good ones are supergoop play spf 50 and neutrogena hydroboost spf 50.
  8. I definitely think acne products will work better if she stops wearing makeup until the acne clears at least. She can continue with makeup when she has just scarring left. And I've used retin-A before and it takes about 3 months to see a reduction in acne. So seeing little to no improvement and even purging is normal.
  9. You can use jojoba oil with the moisturizer and AHA+ after a month of using the regimen.
  10. What's your skin problem? Oily and dehydrated? Do you currently have acne?
  11. Give acne treatments 3 months to work fully.
  12. Trust me, IT IS STRONG. I'd get over spf 30. Like spf 50.
  13. You can use an oil cleanser or oil like jojoba oil to remove makeup before washing your face.
  14. Only put the treatment where you are prone to acne.
  15. I use the same both products and I haven't gotten any negative reaction. You should be good.