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  1. I haven't read the whole of this thread - infact I've read only the first page. People react differently to things like this. You can't click you're fingers and stop someone from being depressed. I know you're post is trying to be somewhat positive, but as far as I can see I thought this part of the forum was to give people support not kick them while they're down? I'm sure this was not you're intention but that's how I read it and interpreted it. I'm pleased that you don't let acne get y
  2. Hm, it was pretty hard for me to read both of your posts as it's basically like reading how I was a year ago. I slipped into serious depression over it. My acne situation hasn't changed, but I've come to terms with the fact that I have it. I haven't shrugged my shoulders of it and accepted it.. I've just come to terms with it. My parents - my mother especially will always say to me "You're skin is fine." When it's quite clear to see.. that it's not lol. I think they do it to just boost you're
  3. Wow, doesn't it just. =P. I thought that was just me. I don't eat breakfast so I thought that was it. But yeah, I've felt ill numerous times. For me this just doesn't seem to be working. :/ I'm waiting for the products to come through for the CSR, see where that takes me. Do you think theres any harm in taking Erythromycin and doing the CSR at the same time?
  4. Sounds really bad but when I (hopefully) get rid of this goddamn acne, I'm going to have to ween myself off using make-up. I've used it for so long it's going to be hard for me to stop using it just like that. =P
  5. Thankyou so much guys, that has made me so happy. Fingers crossed this works. Just have to wait 2-3 more weeks for the products to come through so I can get started. xD. Really, thanks a bunch guys. Panic over. <3
  6. It feels somehow wrong for me to say this - but I wear make-up every single day. Every single day since I started to get acne when I was 14. I'm now 19. It can't be helping my skin, I don't actually use foundation that much - just eye make-up. But for me it's a catch 22 situation. If I wear make-up I feel just that little bit better about how I look, but yet it's a false mask. If I don't wear make-up outside the house, well it just doesn't happen with me. :/ Sounds vain etc, but where I live I j
  7. Okay so I've ordered all the recommended products to get started and I literally can't wait. I wanted to try this regime before I started on anything like accutane. I've been lurking on here for quite a while now, reading alot of stuff to try and figure out what's best for me, but I am slightly worried. My skin gets irritated quite easily, it gets dry and also extremely greasy in some places. My mum has been the only one to stick by me while I've had acne.. I told her how excited I was about th
  8. Hmm, has anyone ever tried this? Had a look around, couldn't see anything on it. My doctor perscribed this to me in the liquid form, as I found it really really hard to swallow tablets - it was the most foul thing I ever did taste, and as usual it didn't work. So - he gave me Erythromycin in tablet form. I have been on this for over two months now and see no improvement whatsoever. Just wondering if anyone had tried this and if so did any good come of it?