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  1. I keep on reading review after review and it seems that so many users of benzoyl peroxide stop after 3-4 months with good results and then suddenly breakout a lot again. I understand the treatment should be continued onwards, but do people also stop using it WITHOUT breakout again and going through more and more treatments?? Or am I destined to break out again when I stop using it?
  2. I'd prefer clear skin over $100 million. It will change my life for the better. I can always work like anyone else and make money that way. I'd rather be poor and handsome.
  3. Product makes false claims

    It gives you hope when you buy it, so you feel happy until you use it. Makes skin greasy Does not reduce imflamation Does not reduce redness I find it very disturbing that the product packaging says "100% of users saw clearer skin within one day". It also says redness can be reduced in a matter of hours. I don't know how they get away with making such a claim when clearly it's not true. It did not work for me and clearly many others who have submitted reviews. Saying that 100% see some change is
  4. I'm looking for a bar of soap that dries skin. I have oily skin and it seems every soap out there has a moisturizer in it. I've been using the yellow Dial soap for years and that really dried my skin and kept my acne in check. But I'd like to try something new since that soap is an anti-bacterial and I hear it's not healthy to use daily.
  5. It's called Clearex 5% Gel - it's just Benzoyl Peroxide - no funny stuff in the ingredient list. I checked. I ordered the Regimen's BP, but I'm overseas now and won't get to use it for a while. What do you all feel in the morning when you wake up after putting it on at night? Do you wash your face and feel the residue as well? Or does it completely sink into the skin overnight?
  6. I don't understand what's happening? Everyone here says that Benzoyl Peroxide is causing their sking to become dry. But I'm not getting that effect at all. I put a fingertip amount all over my forehead before I sleep. When I wake up to wash my face with water, I feel all the grease from the benzoyl peroxide still on my skin, and I have to wash it off. It feels so greasy. I still see the residue of the product on me. Why is it not absorbing into my skin and causing my skin to dry up like it's
  7. Some of the brand name "spot treatments" like Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Treatment state that 100% of users saw redness and pimples decrease within one day. Some even say pimples and redness decrease within 8 hours in 100% of users. I'm really surprised that they can get away with the "100%" claim - I mean that's pushing it, no? I tried using this spot treatment when I notice a pimple in its beginning stages (it's basically salicylic acid 2%), and saw no change at all. The pimple c
  8. How long have you had those scars for? Were they originally very red after the acne went away? If so, how long did it take for the redness to go away and reach the point where it is now? (It now looks more or less the same color as the skin around it)
  9. Nevermind, I just went through most of the pages....whooh! If anyone has more updates on their progress, please share! I just started the regimen and will let you know how it goes as well.. good luck.
  10. Can someone explain to me how dipping is any different than just taking a hot shower? Most of us I'm sure have taken hot showers, and had acne (even without using chemicals). So how is dipping into a sink any different? thanks
  11. Hey all, Since this became 70 pages long, it's kinda hard to read it all. Is the first page (Delna's regimen) updated, or did anything change in the last 70 pages?? thanks!
  12. Hey guys - Any updates from those who have used this product or recently purchased it? thanks...would like to how how things turned out...