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  1. I use the Gillette Sensor Excel with Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream (the kind in the white and purple tube). I shave every other day. I use a new blade every time and never use the same one twice. I'm wondering if it's better to shave every day or not, because that can be harsh on your skin. Dan said he doesnt use shaving cream, but a Purpose Bar instead in the shower. Any luck with this? Thanks guys
  2. I use C & C Blackhead Wash in the shower twice a day and usually take about 5 grams of b5 every day. I am about 90% clear, but I have trouble keeping my right cheek totally clear for some reason. I still have a few red scars on it, no matter how much I wash.
  3. I have ONE bad zit on my right cheek that wont go away for good. I've been using C & C blackhead wash with Neutrogena on the spot 10% afterwards. This has worked for other parts on my face, but for some reason this ONE wont go away. It will go down after a week or so and leave a small red scar. The one or two weeks later, the big zit comes back at the exact same place. HELP!
  4. Nope and I have been on it a week. I usually take 5 grams a day. I also use C & C in the morning and night and I have been clear ever since. I just have 2 or 3 small red scars that I need to get rid of on my cheek. I am thinking about trying a papaya soap bar for that. Anyone tried that yet?